Pen Just the Right Break Up Letter with Scribe!

Price: $1.99    Score: 8/10    By Lara VukelichScribe!

If you’re at a loss for what to say on a special occasion, Scribe! by Artmania aims to provide a solution. With letter and note templates in nine categories ranging from Love to Business, the app can help you pen anything from a harsh break-up note to a professional cover letter for your resume.

Within each of the nine major categories there are several subcategories. For instance, the Invitations categories is broken down into the subcategories of Birthday, Birth Announcement, Baptism, and Housewarming. Opening a subcategory will bring up a number of suggested letters/notes. Places where names and other details should be substituted are marked.

Scribe’s suggested notes go from the serious to the irreverent. A personal favorite of mine is in the breakup section. It says in part,  “. . . when we were first going out everything was a lot of fun. Now I realize that I was the fun person – you are just a loser.”  You can also view the letters in French if you happen to parle Français, or if you just want to pretend that you do.

Once you’ve found just the right words to send your condolences or apologize to your significant other for some inappropriate behavior, you are able to open the template in your email (provided you have previously set up an email account on your iPhone) and make any alterations necessary. Then you can send it off to the recipient, or just send it to yourself to be copy and pasted into a word document later.

Scribe! is a quick solution for anyone who chronically suffers from writer’s block or is just unsure about how to phrase a note for a specific occasion.  The templates actually read pretty naturally, as opposed to sounding stiff or forced. Depending on how much time you usually waste searching for just the right words, this app might be worth the price at less than $2.

Scribe is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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