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One day I turned around and everybody’s mom had a Facebook page. I’m not sure when it happened exactly – but social networking sites are booming. If you belong to the Facebook or Twitter community and you like to keep your followers informed of your whereabouts or what you had for lunch, Quick Status may be for you.

The app by McLean Mobile Solutions, Inc. is easy to use. The first time you open it, you will have to login to your Twitter and/or Facebook account. One you’re set up, all you need to do is enter your desired status in the text box and tap “share.”

With a free Facebook app and multiple Twitter apps, I’m sure most people are wondering what this app can do that others don’t do already. Quite honestly, this is mostly a time saving application. The program allows you to update both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Even if you update them seperately, at least you can do it from the same app. Quick Status also allows you to:

  • Share a Google map with GPS coordinates of your current location
  • Share the music you are currently listening to on your iPod
  • Save status updates to be posted at a later time
  • View your recent updates

Quick Status doesn’t allow you to view anyone elses information, so it certainly can’t replace the Facebook or Tweetie apps. It also doesn’t allow users to easily attach pictures or videos, something that is quite popular. In addition, while Facebook allows status updates to be quite long, this app limits entries to 140 characters.

Despite the clear room for improvement, Quick Status is perfect for status update addicts. It might also be quite useful for someone who is responsible for the social networking of their company and only needs to be concerned with their own status update output. The GPS map feature is different from other apps and could make it easier to invite colleagues or friends to an event or other function (so long as you’re already there so the GPS will send a map of the right location).

If you like browsing your full Facebook and Twitter feeds each time you update your status, this app is not for you. If, on the other hand, you find that there are times when the status update feature is all you need – Quick Status might be up your alley.

Quick Status is compatible with iPhone and 2nd generation iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.

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3 Responses to “Feed your Status Update Addiction with Quick Status”

  1. Ryan says:

    Thank you very much for sharing our latest app, Quick Status. Just want to clarify 2 items.

    1) The character counter only applies to Twitter when 140 characters are reached, and does not restrict your message length when posting to facebook.
    2) We have been hard at work on the first update to Quick Status which will include photo sharing to both Twitter and Facebook. We are really excited about this feature and think our users are really going to enjoy the enhancement and the many others to come. The next update should be released in about a week.

    Thanks again!

  2. laravukelich says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for clearing up my misunderstanding about the text restrictions. I am glad to hear that photo sharing will be available soon; I am sure users will be very grateful!

  3. Eric says:

    Why do I always have to reconnect to facebook every time I use it? Is there a FIX for that?

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