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With the ease and availability of digital cameras in today’s technology centric world, anyone and everyone believes themselves to be a photographer.  Whether you’re a mom of three documenting your children as they play and grow, or a professional hired to photograph a wedding or portrait session, your skills are still no match for the occasional brain freeze.

Luckily, with Live Click Capture by Renegade Apps, amateur and professional photographers alike can find inspiration with a few simple taps.  Created by Mandy Sroka, a professional photographer, and her husband, Josh, Live Click Capture (LCC) is an on-the-go “look book” of sorts, according to Sroka’s website, that acts as a posing idea guide for anyone who may be stuck during a session.

Sroka’s website features an array of beautiful photographs and blog entries that display her talent for clear, innovative and meaningful photos (as well as a contact form to hire her for your next occasion or portrait session).  On her site, she writes that the idea for Live Click Capture came from a small spiral notebook she used to carry with her, full of pose ideas in case she came up against a mental block during a session.  The convenience of the iPhone led her to enlist her husband’s help in creating an app of photographic inspiration featuring her favorite photos taken over her years as a professional.

Live Click Capture’s home screen features doodle-like icons that bring users to the various pose categories offered: portraits, couples, children, maternity, newborn and families.  Simply tap on the icon that indicates your category of choice and you will be taken to a collection of wonderfully creative poses to get your own wheels turning.  Just tap on any of the thumbnails to see an enlarged version of the photo.

Not only are the poses great for stimulating the imagination, but they are also a joy to look at just for fun.  Each is simple, yet captures the true essence of the people in the photos.  Whether it is the love and happiness of a newly engaged couple, or the smiles of two new parents as they gaze at their newborn baby, LCC makes you want to take pictures, even if you had no desire to ever before.

The camera icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen labeled “Mandy Sroka” provides users with three ways to directly contact the photographer herself.  You can visit in website, follow her on Twitter or email her.  With a plan to update content every few months or so, these creators are open to feedback and want to hear what types of pose categories you’d like to see added!

Live Click Capture requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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