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Price: $1.99    Score:  9/10    By Sarah ParkerIsometrics ? Low Impact Exercises Anywhere

If you are like most people that make resolutions for each new year, one of your resolutions is probably “lose weight”, “get in shape”, or some version of these. Intentions may be strong, but these goals can be hard to attain if you are sitting at a desk or in a chair for most of your day. The app Isometrics: Low Impact Exercises Anywhere (developed by MEDL Mobile) can help you reach your fitness goals by setting up a simple isometric workout plan with alerts that enable you to add resistance training to your day.

Isometric exercise is a type of low impact, static strength training wherein the muscles being worked contract, but do not lengthen or shorten significantly. Because the joints do not move much, isometrics are great for people that have joint problems. Isometric exercises are also great for people with limited amounts of space to work out in, such as a car or a cubicle.

The app Isometrics is designed to bring users a customizable isometric workout plan that can be performed virtually anywhere. To begin, you can select either a body part to work (such as abs), a place (such as sitting in a chair), and the app will help you find a selection of isometric exercises. You can choose one or both options, or you can shake your iPhone to display a random exercise. There are over 50 different exercises to choose from, and most exercises engage more than one body part.

Each exercise has a photo, a description, and an exercise-specific timer that helps you track your time and reps. You can choose the best exercises and add them to your favorites list. By far the best feature of Isometrics is the ability to customize an exercise plan. Simply choose your exercises, the days you want to perform them, and set up alerts to ensure that you follow your plan. Isometrics can send alerts by sound or by pop-up during any time (day or night) of your choosing.

Isometrics is a great app can be used virtually anywhere: at work, at home, or even while traveling. Isometrics is well designed: the interface is simple and easy to navigate, and the plan settings are fantastic. The exercise can grow with the user. If the exercises start to become too easy, you can easily add more challenge to the moves by increasing the resistance, time, or reps. Isometrics offers people a convenient way to add exercise into their daily lives, even if they have limited time and space.

Isometrics is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.1.2 or later

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    Excellent app

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