5 Free Copies of iPsycho: Love Manual to Give Away!

With thanks to developer Isabella Limonta, The iPhone App Review is happy to give away 5 free copies of the new app iPsycho: Love Manual. iPsycho: Love Manual is the first psychological application about love. The promo codes below are redeemable on the US App Store only.

First in best dressed, but as always, please do the right thing and leave a comment on the post to let other readers know which code you take. Enjoy!

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  5. 3MY6PKT9W477
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4 Responses to “5 Free Copies of iPsycho: Love Manual to Give Away!”

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. plastic says:

    3MY6PKT9W477 THX

  3. RAYZAH says:


  4. daveyola says:

    took the 4th one down ending in …NTH….but now i wish that i had not – this should really just be a web site with some links, no need to package as an app, and certainly no reason to charge money for it….it’s just a collection of short little articles connected under themes, could have been a great wordpress site instead!! and optimized for iphone with the iphone theme for WP…

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