What’s On Your Mind? iPar MindReader Will Tell You

Price: $2.99    Score: 8/10    By Michael EssanyiPAR MindReader

How many times in life have we found ourselves wondering what’s on the mind of someone close to us? Time and time again we find ourselves wishing and hoping to become mind readers. Luckily, where we fall short, a new application from The Par Group can pick up the slack for us in our incessant endeavors to figure out what others are thinking.

iPar MindReader, which has been released as a business iPhone app, is reportedly based on “Nobel Prize winning research.” While it sounds cheesy on the surface, the application derives its “powers” through scientifically proven methodologies capable of assessing other people’s points of view and capitalizing on those findings in order to decipher what a person is feeling and thinking.

While the iPar MindReader app likely won’t be used by magicians or mentalists in a Las Vegas stage act, it could be useful to those looking to gauge the moods and attitudes of others and, consequently, respond accordingly in certain situations.

What does iPar MindReader do that could be helpful to you?

  • It identifies positive, negative or neutral points of views
  • It assesses the degree of positive or negative thinking
  • It provides examples of how to respond to attitudes and viewpoints

Is it legit? No one knows for sure. But a lot of folks (myself included) have had positive experiences with the app so far. Of course, if you have the app by now you may already know this to be true.

iPar MindReader costs $2.99 and is available now for download on the iPhone and Pod Touch from iTunes and the App Store. The application requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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  1. Julie says:

    I have this app and it is great! Find myself using it often!!

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