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Price: Free    Score: 9/10    By Steve BeaudryCheap international calls ? FooCall

Foocall by Ghost Telcom LTD lets you place international phone calls for as cheap as they come, and for an designed to make calls – it does pretty much exactly what you expect it to do. There’s a keypad for manual number entering, but Foocall will read your iPhone contacts and allows you to add your own international contacts. You can also choose a contact from your Foocall history. Foocall gets high marks for being easy and useful for those with people to call outside of their local area.

Foocall provides your iPhone with a local number that patches through to an international number, so you’re only using your local minutes while Foocall does all the legwork. From there, you pay Foocall some cheap rates per minute. You can pay as much as you want ahead of time to top up your balance before calling.

This app has been around for a while for other cell phones as well as for computers and landline phones but has only just been released for iPhone. It’s easy, cheap and free to sign up. If you have friends, family or business in other countries, there is no excuse not to have Foocall in one form or another.

Try it for yourself! When you download the app, it gives you 50 UK pence worth of free minutes (they are a UK based company) just so you can see how awesomely easy and useful it really is before you make any kind of commitment. As far as iPhone international calling goes, you can’t get much better than this.

FooCall requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone only.

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5 Responses to “Foocall – Simply Cheap International Calls”

  1. Susie says:

    I’ve got the app and call THainland all the time – the app is reeeally good and the call rates are super cheap – love it :) !

  2. JimmyP says:

    I agree this is a great app. It’s really easy to use and the call rates are excellent. I recommend this if you need to call overseas from your home country. You can use the minutes you get from your mobile operator to make the mega cheap calls – a bit like Rebtel but a LOT better. One of the best apps of this kind and certainly one of the simplest to use.

  3. Nev54 says:

    I use this a lot to make calls to the US – the call rates are incredibly low, take a look here: Cheap International Calls – FooCall. I’ve used other apps but have struggled with call quality on occasions.

  4. Roberto says:

    There are way better international calling services out there. I can give you an example:
    They charge you $0.03 to call a land line in Sao Paulo and $ 0.15 to call a cell phone, per minute. Footcal charges you $ 0.45 per minute to call a land line. That is a rip off, simply 15 times more.

  5. BrunoB59 says:

    Was a bit dubious. Not anymore. Can’t believe it’s so good and cheap. Been passing it on to all my me mates. Get it.

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