e-Val MD is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Price: $4.99    Score: 10/10    By Michael Essanye-Val MD

If you thought managing a bulky contact list was cumbersome, try medical records. Fortunately, for this reason, there’s e-Val MD, one of the most efficient and comprehensive medical applications presently available.

Billed as the first professional, all-purpose, comprehensive medical history and physical examination tool for the iPhone and iPod Touch, e-Val MD goes above and beyond most web and application-based services because of its unique storage and access components.

It’s almost difficult to fathom how this nifty application works without first experiencing it yourself. It’s simple touch-screen interface provides the portal to a world of important information that has never before been so readily accessible at the tip of one’s finger. e-Val MD allows you to create, access, manage, and export unlimited numbers of patient records using its fully-functional history and physical examination modules.

Because e-Val MD is customized for inputting data while still on patient rounds, an argument could be made that this application will reduce the number of record-keeping errors that often distort or reduce the accuracy of one’s medical files. According to the app’s makers, e-Val MD was designed using the examination standards taught in academia. As a result, physicians, nurses, and a host of medical-related professionals – not to mention patients – will be aided enormously by this impressive application.

Notable features (just to name a few) include:

  • Convenient input of 300+ items of comprehensive patient history & physical data, including custom input controls developed specifically for e-Val MD
  • Industry-standard categories of CC/HPI/PMH/FH/SH/ROS/PE
  • Outline screen also indicates completion status of each category of data for a given patient
  • Summation in full text of all inputted H&P data
  • Unlimited number of total patient records

e-Val MD is now available for download from iTunes for $4.99

e-Val MD requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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