Pay to Add Contacts to Your Phone with Contact Hero

Price: $2.99    Score: 5/10    By Lara VukelichContact Hero

According to iTunes, Contact Hero is an app that aids in business and personal networking. While this app by Spacemonkey Mike does have some potential concerning the former, it doesn’t do much that your iPhone can’t do already.

When the app opens you are greeted by a screen with four entry fields: name, email, phone and mobile carrier. Once you’ve filled out the entry fields and added a contact, tapping on a Facebook icon will take you to where a search will be conducted for the name you’ve entered. Tapping on the wheel in the upper left corner of the main screen opens a new screen that has two tabs: contacts and settings.

The settings screen in Contact Hero allows you to turn an automatic email feature on or off. When it’s on, an email will be sent to each new contact added to the app. You can alter the subject line and content of the email that will be sent. Similarly, an SMS message can be sent out automatically to each contact; the message will include the same subject and content that goes out via email. The SMS feature can also be disabled.

At first I thought that the app’s contacts would be separate from your regular iPhone contacts and I saw a potential benefit. It seemed that if a user wanted to keep his or her business networking contacts in seperate location, this app could do just that. It turned out to be only partially true. When you open Contact Hero you will only see the last 100 contacts you’ve entered in the app.  However, when you open your default iPhone contact list the contacts have been added there as well. If you have a large amount of business networking contacts, they may start to clutter your iPhone contacts.

The main benefit I see the app offering is the automatic email and SMS message feature. If you are at a networking event and want to quickly send out your details to each new potential client or customer, I think having your phone send out an email reminding them of your website and phone number might come in handy. You could, of course, do this manually but Contact Hero would save you a few minutes. Doing the same for personal contacts might constitute coming on a little strong, but I guess that’s up to you.

I imagine future updates will increase the amount of information saved in the app, and perhaps the contacts can be confined to the app so they don’t clutter your other contact list. It definitely has the potential to be improved. As of today, whether or not the app is worth purchasing really boils down to whether or not you think that automatic emails are worth the $3 price tag.

Contact Hero is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later

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One Response to “Pay to Add Contacts to Your Phone with Contact Hero”

  1. Hi Lara, it seems like you’ve completely missed the gist of this app.. It’s not about adding contacts to your phone, its about “exchanging” social info! 0.O

    Hmm let me put this into perspective for you. Friday night at some posh bar in San Diego, you see a hot guy (me) talking to bunch of girls at the bar.

    Lara: Hey sexy, can I have your Facebook? I’d love to check out your hot pics at work

    Mike: sure thing hot stuff, just gimme ur number and Contact Hero will beam my info to your phone without me touching it

    Lara: omg my pants are vibrating, I got your number and Facebook, you are amazing!



    I understand it might be hard for you to understand what a pain in the ass it is to type stuff in girl’s phone. But maybe one day Contact Hero can save you from napkins with illegible boy hand writings or email addresses with one too many @’s.

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