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It’s that time of the year again. Lent is around the corner and many Christians will have to soon decide what they want to give up for the 40-day fast. Whether you decide to give up sweets, beer, smoking or procrastinating, help to maintain your commitment can be right at your fingertips with the 40 Days – Lent Observance Tracker app. This app from Samadhi Games is the perfect adversary to the temptations that can easily lead one astray whilst on the path to a sin-free Lent season.

The app offers several choices on ideas for what to give for Lent, like bad language, complaining, caffeine, fast food, lying and even Facebook. You also have the choice to enter in something to give up that may not be on the list, like your tendency to drunk dial old boyfriends. Feeling extra pumped about giving up something for Lent? Then you’ll be happy to know that 40 Days allows you to choose or add several items to your Give Up list for Lent. If you happen to back slide and break your commitment, 40 Days makes sure you atone for your mishap by allowing you to assign dollar amounts to each pledge. That way, if you break your vow, you will literally have to pay for it.

40 Days also allows users to set up a prayer schedule for themselves during Lent. Some of the prayer options include the Rosary, a bible reading, the Our Father Prayer and meditation. You can also add your own prayer. The frequency of each prayer can be scheduled for either Fridays, Sundays or everyday. Penalty fees can also be assigned to prayers in the event that one is missed.

Lastly, 40 Days gives users the option to fast. You can either choose to do a full fast or simply elect to abstain from eating a certain food, like meat. Each fast can be assigned for either Fridays or Sundays during Lent; and you can choose to fast from a certain food daily as well. And of course, you can assign a fail fee for any fast that you don’t make good on.

So, are you wondering where all that money will go if you happen to slip a few times during Lent? Well, it will go to a charity of your choice! The app allows you to track your progress during Lent and select a charity to send your accrued penalties to after 40 days are over; which is a great way to help others while celebrating the spirit of Lent and the Easter holiday. The list of suggested charities that 40 Days offers is quite plentiful, but the section is just as customizable as the other categories, so you can enter in an organization of your choice that may not be one the list.

The 40 Days app is a fantabulous and fun way to keep track of your Lent commitments. Best of all, the app allows you to make good use of any failures to fast, pray or give up a certain something between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.

40 Days – Lent Observance Tracker requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone & iPod Touch.

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