Zodiac X Has a lot of Room for Improvement

Price: $0.99    Score: 4/10    By Lara VukelichZodiac X

Zodiac X by Gotham Jungle is an app that outlines the various zodiac signs, and purports to tell you with whom you will be most compatible based on your sign.  Each of the 12 astrological signs are profiled, and in each case two to three other signs that are the most compatible are explained.

When you first open the app, you may initially be thrown off by the loud flute music that emits from your phone. I am sorry to advise that it’s not going to get much better from there. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been accused of being in the grammar police. That being said, the content of this app was obviously published without being proofread, making it difficult to understand at times. Misused homophones aside, many of the sentences simply do not make sense (i.e. They like stability and not perturbed with sudden changes).  Half way through the Virgo profile, traits of the Leo are randomly inserted; traits that are counter to everything in the Leo profile.

Zodiac X allows you to email content from within the application. It also has a database of quotes about love and friendship that you can view and email. I suppose these are for sharing with people the app has told you are a match, though their relation to the rest of the app is somewhat questionable. Some of the quotes are too long for the screen, and can not be viewed in their entirety unless you select the email option. There is only an option to advance to the next quote in the queue; it is not possible to go backwards.

I imagine the content will change in future versions, however, at present once you’ve read all of the zodiac profiles there won’t be anything new to do with the app. The assertions made in the zodiac profiles are sweeping generalizations, as one might expect, and they don’t seem very original at that. The app doesn’t give any insights that a Google search of zodiac signs won’t yield.  While I suspect teenagers might enjoy analyzing their friends and crushes with this app, I wouldn’t yet recommend it to anyone else.

Zodiac X is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.

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