Words Premium: Classic Word Search with a Twist

Price: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By Sarah ParkerWords Premium

Logophiles and word search addicts, listen up! Here is another great word game to add to your vocabulary arsenal. Developed by Blit Interactive, Words Premium is a mobile twist on classic word search games with three different skill levels. Want a relaxing word game? No problem – Words Premium has no timer so you can play the game at your own pace.

Words Premium is a word search game that presents the user with a game board of letters. You can select the skill level of your choice by choosing the size of the game board: level 1 is a 3×3 board, level 2 a 4×4 board, and level 3 is a 5×5 letter board. The game provides the number of possible word creations, and your goal is to find all of these words.

Words are formed by tapping on letters that are adjacent to each other in the correct order. Stumped? Tap on the Hint key and it will give you the letters of a certain word each time you tap it. For each game you play, the game has a Library with definitions of the words that you have found in the game. Time is kept like a stopwatch, but there is no timer to compete against so you can play at your leisure.

Words Premium is a nice word game, and the graphics are very crisp and easy to work with. Most of the words are common English terms, and the game does not recognize contractions, slang, or plurals of words already entered. I personally like the Library feature, and the fact that you can play the game without a timer. If you’re into word games, give Words Premium a go.

Words Premium is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.0 or later


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