What Features iPhone OS 4.0 Might Have in Store

The fine folks over at tuaw.com have just recently put together a rather persuasive open letter to Apple regarding features they’d like to see included in version the iPhone OS 4.0.

Collating feedback from over 1100 users, the letter addresses those features which users wanted the most. Below is a summary of six of the most interesting ideas:

1) Changes to the lock screen
More information viewable at a glance without having to unlock – missed calls, new texts, new emails, calendar events etc.

2) A new geo-aware home screen
Information relevant to where you are and what you’re doing. Just landed in NYC? A customizable home screen that automatically displays and updates with local weather, time, news and transit information would be great – along with a summary of events like meeting reminders and to-do’s.

3) 3rd parts apps that can run in the background.
Would improve multitasking to no end, but battery life concerns need to be addressed.

4) Flash

Not the camera kind – the Adobe kind. It’s the web standard for graphics, and yes there may be battery life issues – but it’s something that needs to happen.

5) Universal documents folder

One place to store all your important email attachments, PDF’s and docs for fast and easy access.

6) A disk utility

The ability to use some of that storage space as a mobile hard drive for backing up files via USB or Wi-Fi. After all the iPhone IS a hard drive.

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  1. peter says:

    Jailbroken devices are already capable of this .. and more …

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