Virgin Mary Candle: A Simple, Spiritual App

Price: $0.99    Score 7/10   By Michelle SchustermanVirgin Mary Candle

Sometimes simple is good when it comes to apps – one purpose, one idea, nothing fancy. And sometimes they leave you to wonder…why? In the case of Virgin Mary Candle, I’m leaning towards the latter.

Designed by mopimp productions, Virgin Mary Candle is exactly as the title suggests – a lovely image of a tall, burning candle featuring the Virgin Mary, there to bring light and comfort whenever you might want it.

I realize that very few “light” iPhone apps actually provide any sort of decent light, and I also understand that this is not the purpose of this particular app. Which is good, because while the image itself, and the dim glow it provides, are really quite nice, the quality of the flicker leaves something to be desired. The flame jerks in a somewhat erratic way, and if the glow actually could light a room, it would bring a more strobe-light effect than the warm glow of a candle.

When you open the Virgin Mary Candle, the candle is high, and it gradually burns out and becomes dimmer as it does so. If you want to reset it, or bring it up or down to any level, just double tap at any spot on the candle.

Tap once to bring up the “shop” option, which allows you to purchase any of the other religious candles to your collection for the same price.

And to be honest, it’s the price that’s throwing me the most. I’m no expert when it comes to pricing iPhone apps. However, this is not the first app I’ve come across that offers one simple graphic for some purpose, whether inspirational, practical, or humorous – and most of those, at least in my experience, have been free. I’m not sure this particular one offers enough for the $0.99 price, but if an iPhone owner is looking for this specific type of app, the Virgin Mary Candle may well be worth it.

Virgin Mary Candle requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch

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2 Responses to “Virgin Mary Candle: A Simple, Spiritual App”

  1. mattpaul says:

    Thanks for the honest review. All feedback is definitely welcomed and appreciated. The mopimp team is working on improving flame, flicker movement and glow as we speak.

    Pricing of apps is a tough question in general. An even tougher question is how to feature advertising along side religious iconography in a way that is tasteful. This issue is further compounded by the fact that app developers / publishers have little control over what ads get served by the ad networks they partner with.

    Consequently, if & when we do offer ad supported versions of our candles for free, we will continue to make paid versions available at an affordable price point for customers that would rather separate church & state, er, capitalism. :)

    Thankfully we have a slew of fun & innovative features planned for Virgin Mary Candle and all of our Virtual Votives (TM) such as Jesus Candle, Anima Sola and soon to be available as a standalone app, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    More information on all our apps is available at

  2. mattpaul says:

    UPDATE! Flame 2.0 is now available for all mopimp productions’ virtual votives including Jesus Candle, Virgin Mary Candle, Anima Sola & Sacred Heart.

    Specifically, the flame’s movement has been greatly improved so as to be more realistic than ever before. The intensity of the candle’s glow has been dialed down to be more calm & pleasant as well.

    Finally, the app’s download size has been greatly reduced to 1.2MB. Come check out flame 2.0 for yourself:

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