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Price: FREE    Score: 7/10    By Daniel BischoffTouch Attack FREE+

Lots of iPhone games have “Lite” versions, essentially free, watered down versions of apps you’d probably pay money for. Usually these apps try to whet your appetite, enticing you by showing you what your $1.99 will you get you if you shell out for the paid version. Touch Attack FREE+ does away with the Lite version and essentially gives you the keys to 75% of the app straight away.

Touch Attack FREE+, from developer ProRattaFactor, has two games unlocked from the get-go – Touch Attack and Memory Attack. Touch Attack is your standard whack-a-mole (tap-a-mole?) game, but the action gets downright frantic in later levels. You’ll have to discern between moles with targets and those without. Three taps on moles without targets, or miss enough moles with targets, and you’ll lose your three hearts, ending your Touch Attack game. Memory Attack is a Simon clone that ramps up in difficulty quickly, meaning a high scoring run is going to feel really successful. High scores in either game will net you tickets which you can spend in Touch Attack FREE+‘s shop. Tickets can be spent on new sounds, themes, and even a new game, Match Attack.

Match Attack is a matching game that requires a quick memorization of a growing number of moles. In this game, your hearts regenerate after each round, so if you’re playing at a high level, you’re allowed two mistakes before losing your high score.

Touch Attack is very polished, with bright colorful graphics and a high frame-rate. I’ve played a lot of tap-a-mole games and as soon as the frame-rate drops, so does my patience. Touch Attack, Memory Attack, and Match Attack are all nicely polished games combined together in a fun package with lots to unlock. Having a shop full of new themes and sounds is great motivation for any player, and with Match Attack locked as well, earning enough tickets through high scores will be very rewarding for any player.

In order to unlock Match Attack, you’ll have to earn 5000 tickets, and that will take several high scores. In order to accrue 5000 tickets, you’ll also have to buy a “ticket upgrade” from the in-game shop. Here’s where “75% of the app” comes in. The ticket upgrade is $0.99 and without it, you’re only held back from getting Match Attack and its alternative themes. Essentially, there’s still a lot of game to play without it, but those extra features are just out of your reach without the ticket upgrade.

Personally, I think this ticket upgrade is a much better route for developers looking to entice buyers through demos of their app. Wouldn’t you rather download the app, play a fair section of it, and pay a nominal fee in-app to complete the game? “Lite” versions are obsolete now, and Touch Attack FREE+ is exemplary of this fact.

Touch Attack FREE+ is a fun, polished app that combines a handful of classic touch-gaming with a nearly full trial of the game. New themes and sounds round out a package that provides an excellent time sink for anyone who likes to game on the go. Try Touch Attack FREE+ for free today.

Touch Attack FREE+ requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.

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