The Best Selling iPhone Apps of 2009 – Official Apple Data

2009 was a big year for the app store and the official numbers from Apple are in.

GAMES – Top Selling

No surprises here – franchise games did extremely well, with Electronic Arts making a big showing with 4 of their titles in the top 10. With prices generally in the range $4.99 – $7.99, we suspect that these figures represent the top grossing apps, rather than the top selling by volume.

One of the stand out success stories of the year was Flight Control from Australian development studio Firemint, who showed that a small team with a good idea can still shake up the established players.

GAMES – Top Rated

The Top Rated list paints a more inspiring picture for developers, with all but one of the titles coming from smaller studios.





Apps – Top Selling

Again, the Top Selling apps appear to be ranked based on revenue.

Several $50+ apps that made the list, including popular mobile navigation apps TomTom and MobileNavigator.

Showing that there is still room at the top for the little guys, Bolt Creative and DistinctDev had a great year with their $0.99 offerings Pocket God and The Moron Test respectively.

Apps – Top Rated

With apps covering Cooking, Sports, Music, Photography, Education and Entertainment – the Top Rated list is a mixed bunch.

Developer Smule went from strength to strength in 2009. Building off the success of their Ocarina app, Smule managed to end up with two of their music titles – I Am T-Pain and Leaf Trombone in the top 10, showing just how quickly a quality development team can go from indie to commercial mainstream.


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