Test Your Survival Skills in Stranded Without a Phone

Price: $1.99    Score: 9/10    By Sarah ParkerStranded Without A Phone

Have you ever wondered whether you could survive on a deserted island for days, even weeks until rescue? Now you can test your survival skills from the comfort of your couch with the game Stranded Without a Phone (formerly called Stranded!). Created by Gilligames, Stranded is great for game players who love in-depth RPG gaming with a Survivor twist.

In Stranded, the back story begins when a group of people are sent to populate a distant planet, but the space ship crashes on an ocean planet, leaving your character stranded on a lonely island. Your character has a dramatic career shift when he goes from desk-bound executive to hunter-gatherer. Your goal in Stranded is to help your character survive on the island long enough to create a phone from space-ship wreckage so you can call for help.

Stranded is an RPG-based survival game where your character can collect an inventory of items (well over 70) and use them to build survival tools (such as an axe or a spear). You can search around the island for useful items, and you can tell the game which items you would prefer to search for. The search function often has to be reset each time you resume your game.

Your character has a health meter that keeps tabs on hydration, nutrition, and injuries. You have to keep a close eye on your on your health or you won’t live past 3 days. But even if your does character die, it is still possible to resume the game with all your progress intact. You can improve health by gathering and hunting food, finding fresh water, building a fire, and also by sleeping. There are several food options available, such as coconuts, lemons, and fish, and boar hunting (with the latest update). Stranded also features a day and night cycle, which marks the passing of days and reminds your character to sleep.

Stranded is a well designed, fresh take on the iPhone RPG genre. Each time you play the game, a random island map is created, making each new game unique. The inventory is extensive, with more advanced items to create from simpler ones. Stranded has a very thorough tutorial on how to play the game. To succeed at Stranded requires time, planning, and maybe a few new tries before you can get your character to survive past 3 days, much less create a phone. But once you have a handle on the concept, Stranded can become quite addicting! Stranded comes highly recommended.

Stranded Without a Phone is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.1.2 or later

Note: The latest update (v 1.2) added boar hunting and an injury meter to the game.



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8 Responses to “Test Your Survival Skills in Stranded Without a Phone”

  1. Gillissie says:

    The 1.3 update is now out and includes the following features:

    – Rains every 3-7 days.
    – Extinguishes fires.
    – Fills open liquid containers that are on the ground.
    – Replenishes dew catchers very quickly.
    – Raises hydration level automatically.
    – New games start with a single berry bush. Sorry, save games from previous version won’t have any.
    – Berries may be eaten or planted to grow more berry bushes.
    – Berry bushes mature with each rain storm. (Patience required!)
    – Added sun/moon “clock” to show the time of day (near mini-map).
    – Added night sounds.
    – Searched & found items will now automatically be picked up if there is room in your inventory. The character will now only stop walking if the found item was not picked up automatically.
    – Any portable item may be permanently deleted by dragging it onto the trash can icon, which replaces the search icon while dragging an item.
    – Wet Dew Catchers now show blue in the coconut half on the main screen.
    – Fixed recursive container bug (finally!). If you nest more then 6 containers deep, you may lose the items in the deepest containers upon resuming, so avoid doing that.
    – Fixed issue where certain items weren’t getting deleted properly.

  2. Jj says:

    Ummm I planted cherry seeds around me now I can’t get out

  3. Bob says:

    Eat them :)

  4. Kunle says:

    I put the wire cutter in the bin my mistake and I have achived alot to start again what do I do? And also the trees are running out what do I do helppppp!!

  5. stranded forever says:

    you will need about 15 lemons for the phone so make sure you don’t eat them all b/c the lemon trees disappear

  6. FAllout 3 says:

    HEy how do I get my health bar up is it like an over all or do i have to eat, rest or what? PLease help THNX

  7. stranded not forever says:

    I’m thinking of getting it but is it worth the money?

  8. isabel says:

    DIssapointing! The instructions do not explain fully the game. The lemon tree dissapeared I think I drunk just 3 or maybe 4 lemonades and I feel deceived since nobody told us that it is the only plant that does not grow back and the lemon is the decisive item to build the battary for the radio. I feel i wasted my time since I have every item and have survived for 60 days!

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