Speed Bag Urban Gym: Punch Out Your iPhone

Price: $0.99    Score 8/10   By Michelle SchustermanSpeed Bag: Urban Gym

Nothing like relieving stress and anxiety by taking your problems out on a virtual punching bag.

Speed Bag Urban Gym may not help you work up a sweat and tone your arms like the real deal, but it is strangely satisfying. Could have something to do with the nice loud “thwack” that comes each time your thumb jabs the bag on the screen.

Designed by Manayunk Productions, LLC, Speed Bag Urban Gym opens right to it; a red punching bag hanging in what looks like a good ol’ gritty training gym. Your given instructions and goals in a small window – where to get a good strike on the bag, what a good cadence is, how many strikes you need, and what percentage must be good to pass the round. Tap okay, the bell clangs, and you’re in, Rocky.

25 seconds runs down on the clock in the top left, and your score is constantly updated in the top right. Admittedly, I’m no expert at the real deal, but the response on this thing is really pretty good. It picked up on nearly all of the changes in speed in direction I made. When you get a “good” hit, the bottom of the bag is briefly highlighted in yellow, which helps give you a feel for the game.

I’ll go ahead and brag – I had 86% accuracy in my first round. As the rounds go on, the demand increases and the percentage for passing rises. Challenges like getting in more strikes, a specific number of consecutive “good” strikes, getting in different angles, and a certain number of strikes in a row on each hand – I mean, thumb – make every round more fun than the last.

My only complaint is I can’t save my rounds. After each round you move on to the next, but when you close the app they’re gone. Open the app again and you’re back in round one. I’d like to have the option of saving a “game” and start on the next round later, in addition to starting over to get another shot at the first few rounds.

The bottom line: Speed Bag Urban Gym is a fun quickie to pull up when you’ve had a rough day. Just let it out.

Speed Bag Urban Gym requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.

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