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Ideas often come when we’re out on-the-go, and for screenwriters, these ideas can make or break the future success of a piece of work.  Luckily, with Screenplay by Black Mana Studios, film and television hobbyists and professionals can now work on scripts right from their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Whether you’re en route to your next destination, or relaxing in bed after a long day, Screenplay is the first fully-functional mobile screenwriting app that allows users to write complete movie and TV screenplays with great ease and clarity.  Work on a single scene or the entire script – either way, Screenplay automatically formats your script correctly, leaving all that extra time free for brainstorming and writing.

As the official technology partner of Final Draft Inc., Black Mana Studios presents an app that allows users to import and export FDX files to and from industry-standard Final Draft 8 so writers can stay on the same page with their work, with standard screenplay formatting both on and off screen.

Upon startup, the home screen shows a list of already existing screenplays, assuming you have already begun or imported documents prior.  To start a new script, users must use the simple navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.  Tap ‘New Script’ in the bottom left hand corner and give your work a title.  Save, then tap on the title to begin creating scenes.  When setting the scene, Screenplay will prompt you to choose an interior or exterior setting, a location name and the time of day.  Conveniently, all one has to do is type ‘D’ for day or ‘N’ for night and said words will auto-fill in the space.

Screenplay’s slider, which navigates the scene while writing and editing, is an ingenious tool that keeps formatting clean and writing a breeze.  When users move the slider’s dotted line between elements of the script, users can insert any of the six available screenwriting elements: action, character, transition, dialog, parenthetical and new scene.  Placing the slider on top of a given element will allow users to edit, delete or change the style of their selection.

The character button is also a gem because it makes compiling a cast neat and organized and removes the tedium of having to retype the same names repeatedly into the document.  Simply tap the ‘+’ button to add a new character, then tap their name once it has been entered.  Their name will automatically be placed into the script, at which point users can then add dialog.  The greatest perk is that, if the writer decides upon a name change while the work is in progress, they need only change the name once in the list for the name change to appear throughout the entire piece.

Tapping the reading mode button in the top right corner of the screen will take you out of editing mode and allow you to view each scene together as you would in an actual script.  Also, users of Screenplay can register for their own free online storage account directly through the app, which allows users the ease of importing FDX and formatted TXT files from said account or a URL.

A PDF manual can be found on Black Mana’s site, as well as a video demonstration of Screenplay’s capabilities.

Screenplay requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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2 Responses to “Screenplay Ideal for Seamless Screenwriting”

  1. Vynson says:

    FINAL DRAFT 7 users should be aware that this app will not work for them. While the developer says they are embracing .fdx, they do not indicate that this means that FD7 (which uses the .fdr extension) is not supported.

    There are quite a few people who have purchased this program thinking they will be able to use it with FD7 who do not want to upgrade to the new FD8. These people are wasting their money. Black Mana also indicates that refunds are not available. When I visited their forum and described how users could get a refund, my post was deleted and I was banned. This is not the kind of people I want to do business with.

    I wouldn’t have this app on my phone if it were free and the only one available.

  2. Glen Fiddich says:

    Great app! If you are like me and you are already working in film and tv production, you know how valuable time can be during a busy day. Now for those times when I’m on set between setups when you can just whip out your iPhone and start typing away, this app is genius. Does everything the Mac version of FD does, only when you get called away on the radio for something, you just tuck your phone into your pocket and off you go, your script having been immediately updated before those great scenes you just came up with have been forgotten. When you get home and want to bring the script back onto the laptop, it’s super easy. You either email the .fdx file to yourself or just ssh the file directly from the app’s storage folder over your home network (requires advanced knowledge of a jb’d iphone). The third method of importing/ exporting your script via Black Mana’s free online file storage is NOT something I recommend you do. Not because it doesn’t work but simply because I personally don’t want ANY part of my story floating around out there in cyberworld where it can be ripped off, or its ideas “borrowed” from before it’s finished, even if it is supposed to be in a secure place.

    Now if only someone would come out with apps for breaking the script down into a stripboard/ schedule and then budgeting it on the iPhone (are you listening EP?) then I’d be completely mobile…

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