Parallel Kingdom AOE – MMORPG for the iPhone

Price: Free    Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellParallel Kingdom AOE

MMO’s are a hugely successful game (and business) model with genre-defining games like World of Warcraft pulling in huge revenues each month in subscription fees from millions of players worldwide. Developed by PerBlue Inc., Parallel Kingdom: Age of Emergence is one of the first games to bring a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) to the iPhone. Even more ambitious than that, Parallel Kingdom is a geo-aware game that uses your actual physical location (via GPS or WiFi) as your starting point in the game.

When you first open up Parallel Kingdom you’re prompted to make a new account – you simply have to enter your email address, password, character name, age and gender. You can also toggle whether you would like to receive a text message when you’re being attacked or receive an in-game message.

Once your account is set-up, you’ll be able to jump straight in. One of the first things you’ll probably notice is that, graphically speaking, Parallel Kingdom isn’t the most impressive of games. A Google-maps background is overlaid with basic little sprites that identify players, enemies and resources and other items. What is cool though, is that the streets around your home or office have suddenly become a real-time game environment and there are trolls, stags, dire wolves and other creatures all around you.

To move around the map you just double tap where you would like to go. The player is surrounded by a “radius of mobility” which is represented on-screen as a dashed line. This line represents the limits of your territory and and to begin with, you’re unable to move outside of this area. You can however, expand your territory by building houses and flags – or by physically moving your location.

As you progress through the world in Parallel Kingdom, you’ll accumulates journal “pages” which are basically equivalent to experience points “XP”. Get enough pages and you’ll be able to level up. When you level up you receive a skill point, which can then be spent to learn a range of skills and unique abilities like Leatherworking, Weapon Smithing and Alchemy. You can also mine resources such as iron ore and sulfur and trade these items with other players.

A big part of any MMORPG is the social element, and Parallel Kingdom has a number of different ways that you can interact with other players in the game. There are several of chat rooms, in-game messaging as well as “group hunting” which is the closest thing to a party/raiding system that you’ll find in the game.

Parallel Kingdom isn’t quite at the stage where it will be to the iPhone MMO what WoW did for the PC, but this kind of geo-aware mobile gaming has a lot of potential. PerBlue Inc., have come up with a truly unique concept, and with over 75,000 players worldwide, Parallel Kingdom is set to continue to improve and grow.

Parallel Kingdom AOE requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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7 Responses to “Parallel Kingdom AOE – MMORPG for the iPhone”

  1. PGT96drvr says:

    Use referral code: LKAJE and type it in after the tutorial to get 1000 Gold & 300 Food (You can’t get more than this) it will help alot at the start.

  2. Volt says:

    All new members get 1000 Gold and 300 Food when you sign up, ref. code or not. Adding that ref. code gets HIM some food/gold too.

  3. Lucky says:

    LoL dont even waste your time with this game people. This game is really a scam and cost all most 30$ a month unless you want to endlessly chop trees trees for 120hrs a month to unock all the game if you dont wanna pay.

    Also sometimes your stuff *dissapears* and tech takes over 3 weeks to reply to your email… and half the time they say you didnt have anything in the first place.

    Final if you piss off a vet* or one of the beta testers some how your fav weapons dissapear or you end up getting a 2 week ban -_- THIs might be a good game when the devs learn how to stick to their part of the tos and how to stop stupid stuff like scamming players and not policing it.

  4. Michael says:

    Use referral code SDMUB to get free gold and food from the start :)

    As VOLT said above, the referral does help us out, so I really appreciate you using it when you start. I don’t know if you get the same bonus if you don’t use a referral code. Very few people would risk it! Plus this is a GREAT game – HUGE world – lots of decent people all around you.

    So use mine! – SDMUB. All referral codes give you the same bonus at the start. Don’t believe the scams – an offer for 100k gold is bogus, haha! Good luck, and text me in game if you have questions!

  5. random player says:

    This game is a scam and should be removed from the market. I paid over $30 for food that is used to buy items in the game over a month ago and there was a problem in the game where many players lost their items. My money or items have not been returned and there is no one answering my emails. There are many people in the same position that I am in and the people behind the game do not care. Do not waste your time or money on this fraud of a game.

  6. GoodAsGould says:

    Well this is my favourite game, its a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (:
    The game is all played on an alternate “world” that uses google maps as the game area. Location is based on GPS. Which adds a twist to it (:
    Basics of the game are as followed; You control a player, collecting resources, fighting monsters, talking to other players. You can take over land by building flags. You can build cities, and war with other players using followers. You can join or make kingdoms to either build an amazing kingdom or destroy other kingdoms. There are weekly competitions leaderboards for hats, these hats are to show great pride of winning one of the sections of a leaderboard. Every section has a different hat.
    There is also customizable weapons and armour. There are different types, all based on making fair play and they have pros and cons, allowing a good range of style for every player.
    There are also skills, one per level up. These skills also enchance game play, and can be used for different styles, be it combat, or gathering resources.
    It also has Chat systems that are quiet well done. Many varied chats for different purposes, also a message system set up. Messages for 1 on 1 converstations, but also messages to people in your city, or in your kingdom. The game is very social, a lot of nice players, as well as some not so nice players.. but thats okay because you can also block players, hehe xD
    The game does have less impressive graphics, but its made that way on purpose, it has a nice feeling the way it is. Its simple but eloquent.
    The game also has to man forms of money, Food and Gold. Gold is dropped my monsters, and you can “dump” items for gold. Though you would be better off selling those items to other players for gold. So there is an infinite amount of gold available in game. Where as Food, is limited. You can only get food by using your start off food, buying food, getting people to join, or other small things the company PerBlue, decides can give you food. e.g. Liking their Facebook page.
    Overall I find the game quiet addictive. I think everyone should at least try it out, (:
    Refer Code : NSQKF
    Yes a refer code, I’m sorry, that does seem low, but in using my refer code, yes i will get a bonus of some food. BUT i will get a automatic friend request from you, which will allow me to contact you in game, and i will gladly help you as much as i can (:

    Menu > Chat > Help Chat
    If you need any help or have questions be sure to ask, or if you prefer learning more in depth by yourself,
    Menu > Help > Guide


  7. GamerChick84 says:

    Fun game. Unfortunately tech support does absolutely nothing about player harassment, which is a personal safety issue considering it’s a gps-based game and someone who knows what they’re doing can find out your real life location.

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