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Price: Free    Score: 9/10    Author: Mohsin IqbalMoodagent ? Automatic Playlist DJ for your music, your mood

The Genius function on iTunes is a typically solid function from Apple that let’s you listen to music based on what you actually want to. Moodagent, on the other hand, is a very clever and nifty application developed by Syntonetic that incorporates the ability to define what music you want your iPhone to play based on your mood.

Based on a very simple design Moodagent is even simpler to run. In order for Moodagent to work, you are required to ‘profile’ all your music. This allows Moodagent to allocate a profile to each track thus allowing for greater control of the music on your iPhone. This can be done easily via the application when opened initially on your iPhone, however should you have a large iTunes library it is recommended that you have WiFi switched on and connected. It does not take long for the application to profile all your music, taking less than several minutes for around 1500 songs. Once this is done, you are ready to go!

The application works on a very effortless system. There are five different colored bars with icons at the top highlighting what mood they represent and which can be adjusted to suit your mood. The five bars are:

  • Red Bar  – Sensual
  • Orange Bar – Tender
  • Yellow Bar – Joy
  • Purple Bar – Aggressive
  • Grey Bar – Tempo

To start off, simply move the bars and a playlist is generated based on the positioning of the bars i.e. to choose a solely sensual playlist move the sensual bar up to full and every other bar to the lowest point. The bars can be changed at will and a new playlist will be subsequently generated. Another way of generating a playlist is to select a ‘seed’ track and Moodagent will generate a playlist similar to that ‘seed’ track or you can also tap the Moodagent icon on the right side the tracks in the current list to create another playlist based around the selected song. You can then tweak the bars to change the playlist to your needs. Moodagent also includes the ability to save the playlist currently being played and you can also give the playlist a title of your choosing or allow Moodagent to allocate the first track name as the default title of the saved playlist.

As Moodagent is a relatively new application, there are occasionally problems with profiling less popular songs, which can be rectified by downloading the Desktop PC or Mac profiler to profile your full iTunes Library. This allows the desktop profiler to connect to Moodagent’s servers to gain more information about lesser known tracks and at the same time increases the number of songs that the Moodagent servers have profiles for. The only other slight snag is that Moodagent will not profile songs that are protected by DRM. However, this should not detract anything from an application that is intuitive as it is useful and very clever and most of all, free. With Moodagent, you no longer need to spend time creating tedious and long lists, instead just choose what mood you are in and the music will inevitably match it.

Moodagent requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both the iPod Touch and iPhone.

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