iCooking Italian Cuisine – Food, Wine, Life (Cibo, Vino, Vita)

Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Nancy JonesiCooking Italian Cuisine

It’s been a long day; you are at the grocery store and have no idea what to prepare for dinner.  If that sounds familiar then iCooking Italian Cuisine, developed by Apps of All Nations, LLC, could be the answer to your culinary prayers. Whether you choose something easy to prepare, like Pasta with Pesto, or are feeling a bit more adventurous and decide to make Tagliatelle with Steak, you will not be disappointed with this app.

With fifty-two recipes to choose from, iCooking Italian Cuisine has a lot to offer.  The recipes are organized by dish type and you’ll find recipes for appetizers, pasta, risotto, meat and fish and desserts. The hard part is deciding which one will be your first.  On the other hand, you can skim down the list of all recipes and be inspired by recipes both familiar and new.  There is also one more feature to add to the mix –  you can even enter your own recipes, complete with ingredients and steps to prepare.

With iCooking Italian Cuisine you’ll never be at the grocery store again saying, “I would make that dish but I can’t remember what goes in it?”  Once you choose your recipe, you can mark it as a favorite and it will be a snap to find when you are shopping for ingredients.  You can search for recipes in the comfort of home, riding the train to work or while eating lunch.  You can email the recipe to yourself (or a friend).  This can be handy if you prefer to use a printed copy as you cook.  I like to check off ingredients as I cook, so a print out was a big hit with me.

Earlier today I was looking through my pile (actually piles) of recipes and the good news is that now I can enter these recipes into the app – a great feature that helps you save both space and paper!  I’ll have the great recipes in iCooking Italian Cuisine, and my own favorites as well.  You could enter all of your recipes into one app, or chose any one of the other 14+ by this developer.

I love Italian food and the three little words that I want you to whisper in my ear are pizza, pasta and bruschetta.  Choosing a recipe to test from this app wasn’t easy – they all looked so tasty.  I decided to branch out a little and do something that wasn’t in my favorite trio. I made Chicken Rollatini and I’m glad that I did! It wasn’t a particularly complex recipe; all you need to do is roll chicken breasts with cheese and prosciutto.  A little bread crumbs, a few spices, some wine and dinner is served!

This is my fifth review of an iCooking app.  During this time I’ve seen updates come through so I know these apps will improve as time goes by.  I’ve passed on, through my reviews, my wish list for improvements or innovations.  As I use the apps more and more, I have fewer suggestions for improvement.  I have suggested a formal grocery list,  but the ingredient list serves nicely. A search feature would be handy, but it’s still pretty easy to scroll through the 52 recipes.  The only wish (not quite a need) that I’ve discovered is that I would like to share my recipes with friends who also use the app.  I can still email them, but it would be fun to send my recipe to their app.

If you are looking for an affordable, easy to use recipe app then iCooking Italian Cuisine is likely to be a favorite.

iCooking Italian Cuisine is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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