Grab Images From Your Video With VideoPix!

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Mohsin IqbalVideoPix: Video Frame Capture On the 3GS

Ever wanted to record a video capturing important moments around you and never miss out on a picture? Well VideoPix fills that quota impressively and is one of those applications that once you have it, it becomes impossible to live without. A powerful tool that allows users to grab stills from videos recorded on your iPhone 3GS. VideoPix is the brainchild of Seeitwithus who have developed the only application to date that allows users to grab frames (pictures) from videos without having to export the video to another device.

Whilst VideoPix works only with the iPhone 3GS, the notion of it is brilliant and it can become a powerful tool for those who use their iPhone camera often or even rarely. The application works by allowing you to view the video in slow-motion i.e. frame-by-frame basis with the option of saving your pictures. Encased in a rather quaint design, the app gives the user two options in its very simple menu of viewing saved pictures or selecting a new video to grab frames from.

Selecting a video to use is very easy, with VideoPix automatically showing you all the videos available from your camera roll. When you select a video to use, VideoPix plays it back just so you know you’ve selected the right one, if not you can go back and select another one. Once selected, VideoPix goes into landscape mode and plays back the chosen video at a very slow rate or in other words it shows each frame captured by the camera. The interface at this point is intuitive and unneeded options and icons do not clutter the screen. You can fast forward or rewind the video to any position or forward the video frame-by-frame with a single tap. Saving a frame is also straightforward as once you’ve navigated the video to the frame you wish to save then simply tap the save icon which is shown by a disk. You can also save the frame to your iPhone’s camera roll or the library of saved frames in the application.

VideoPix also provides an e-mail option so you can select a frame straight from the application library and send one straight away, with there being the added plus of selecting multiple frames to send via e-mail. There is never a point at which you can become confused by this application, but should that happen then there is a very handy information menu at the home-screen available with very understandable instructions on how to use VideoPix. There is no drawback with VideoPix, only the odd ‘trimming’ message that is shown when selecting a video to use but this is not annoying in any way.

Extremely powerful with a rather old-fashioned layout, VideoPix is ideal for anyone with its easy functions and powerful navigation menu. It is a very ingenious application that everyone should have on their iPhone 3GS and is one of a kind. The good news for those who purchase this app is that there is an update just round the corner allowing you to grab pictures from any video in your library, regardless of whether it was recorded on your camera or not. VideoPix really does make capturing moments easier!

VideoPix is compatible with the iPhone 3GS only and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


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