Expand Your Buzz Word Vocab with Go Exec

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Lara VukelichGO Exec

Go Exec by GothamJungle is an app designed to help you find the right buzz words and phrases for professional presentations and writing.  If you’re struggling at the last minute to improve the vocabulary in your work powerpoint, Go Exec offers a quick reference guide that may be able to help.

The application has three columns; verbs, adjectives, and nouns. All the words and phrases listed are pertinent to business settings, i.e. “reinvent”, enterprise”, and “globalization”. Once you have identified one word or phrase from each column that you find useful, the app gives you two options: email them to yourself or see an example of how they can be used in full sentences. While the examples provided are generic and would sound as much if recited verbatim, they are a good starting point if you’re at a total loss as to how to string the terms together.

The sound effects that ring out when the app is opened are unnecessary and quite loud.  If you happen to forget to silence your phone before you open the app, they also make it impossible to open it discretely should you want to browse it during a meeting.  There is also a clicking noise when you chose to see the phrase you’ve created or the sample sentences. The option to turn that sound off would improve the app.

Go Exec has the potential to serve as a quick reference for people who frequently need to present or write in a business setting. The app has some room for improvement; creating specific categories would make browsing easier, and the examples could read more fluidly, but for the price it is worth checking out if you have business writer’s block.

Go Exec is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 1.2.3 or later.

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