Find Out if You’re Really a Car Buff with Tap Tap Cars

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Tap Tap Cars by Ry Smith is an app designed to test your knowledge of cars. If you don’t have much of it, then this app can also help you improve your ability to recognize different makes and models, as well as give you some factual tid bits on the various cars presented.

The concept of the trivia game is simple. The photo of a car with its brand paraphernalia removed will appear on your screen. If you know the make of the car you’re looking at right off the bat, you can select the “Got it!” option and receive 10 points. If you’re still unsure, you can opt to receive a clue.  The first clue offered is another photo, and the second is a paragraph including historical background and/or facts about the car. For each clue you receive or wrong answer you give, one point will be deducted from your score.

Once you have successfully identified the make of the car, you will have to guess the model. For the model, no clue is available. After identifying the model, a bonus question worth two points is offered. The question is always a yes or no, so you only get one shot.

For each game, 10 cars are presented, with a maximum point total of 120 including bonus questions. You can see your score at the top right of the screen during the game and also on the scoreboard at the end of a 10-car game.

I consider myself a firm believer in equal rights, but. . . I’m just gonna say it. This is pretty much an app for people with a Y chromosome. I’m sure some ladies out there could enjoy it, but this game is best suited for those among us who have gotten into at least one debate about the merits of engine size or foreign versus domestic, and, well, those people are usually dudes.

That being said, Tap Tap Cars forces you to identify nuances about a car’s structure that you may have been ignoring, so the app could be a good learning device for someone who wants to increase their car savvy. It could also placate your boyfriend on a long road trip.

Tap Tap Cars is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd Generation) and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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