Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Adventure in Your Pocket

Price: $2.99    Score: 8/10    By Daniel BischoffFighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

You click on iTunes and direct your mouse to the app store.  Clicking on it brings up thousands of games.  You begin your search for the perfect adventure game.  that search brings you to Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

Fighting Fantasy: TWOFM is an adventure game from Big Blue Bubble that focuses on choice.  What it lacks in fancy graphics, it makes up for in it’s choose-your-own-adventure book style.  You might remember the choose-your-own-adventure books in the Goosebump-esque  way I do.  Flipping back and forth across the book, trying to find your way to the end of the story… Fighting Fantasy packs in somewhere over 300 pages of orcs, treasure boxes, spells, and looming passage ways.  One noteworthy feature of the app is what  Fighting Fantasy does with it’s battles and exploration in comparison to your usual choose-your-own-adventure book.  It gives you the chance to roll the dice for Stamina and Skill points which gives the battles more life, forcing you to choose carefully between fighting it out and turning tail.

Battles are also influenced by contextual story items, like orcs being drunk, or additional enemies entering the fray.  Sometimes I felt like the dice were loaded in my enemies’ favor, but I was quickly discouraged from that feeling when I turned the tide of battle with a good luck roll.

Luck points are picked up throughout the story and are utilized in battles.  Using a luck roll can double the damage of your attack, but you can quickly run out of luck points if you over use them.  Even if you do deplete your stock of luck points through the course of a battle, a successful mauling of a pair of trolls will usually yield another luck point or two.

To be honest, if you don’t like reading, or reading books, Fighting Fantasy isn’t for you.  There are few pictures and the battles consist of simple animations and dice.  If you can involve yourself in a good book, Fighting Fantasy has a good balance between reading and interaction.  I think I’m comfortable in saying that it is easily the best choose-your-own-adventure book I’ve ever read, especially with the added layers of interactivity.  Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best adventure game.  I like reading, and the game has an overall Dungeons and Dragons feels, so download the app today if any of that sounds appealing.  Fighting Fantasy is sure to please.

Fighting Fantasy is compatible with the iPhone or iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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