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PMS It, despite its name, is not a app for a woman’s cranky days. PMS (in this case) stands for Picture Message Services. PMS It was created by Michael Husemann as a picture messaging app which allows users to send customized picture messages through either e-mail or text.

PMS It consists of a basic vector editing program which uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to create your own pictures and objects (similar to Adobe Illustrator). PMS It is not a paint application; rather, it is an SVG program that allows users to create or alter simple images that they can personalize with text and color. To start, the user either begins to create a new image on the editing board, or they can select pre-made images from the saved files or the Categories folder. It takes a little time to pre-load the image categories, where you can choose simple shapes that you can change to suite your tastes. Once you have chosen your shape or object, add it to the editing board and you can start making changes by adding colors and text. Text can be entered in 24 different fonts, with adjustable font sizes text placement. You can also edit your image by layering several images, and by using the copy/paste, zoom, undo, erase, and edit features.

Once you have customized your image in PMS It, you can save it to the program, or you can share as an e-mail or as a multimedia text message. When you wish to text the image, you need to save the file to your Photos and then access the picture from there to text it. PMS It users can transfer files from your Mac or PC to the app, but the imported images must be saved in .svg format (although not all .svg files are supported with this app). Unfortunately, I was unable to transfer image files from my PC to the app to test this feature.

While the concept of PMS It is truly unique, the app is a little too complicated for casual users. It takes some time to create good images from scratch with the vector program. The instructions are very thorough, but lengthy. Perhaps PMS It could be divided into two separate apps: a PMS Basic app that gives people the ability to use only preloaded images, and a PMS It Pro which adds the ability to create images. Doing this would give casual users an easy to use format with the Basic edition, while giving others the option to upgrade to an in-depth Pro version where they can create their own images. I enjoyed being able to use the pre-made shapes to create custom image messages, but the app can be rather intricate and it takes time to become familiar with it.

PMS It is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 2.0 or later

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