Comedy Sidekick Helps you Stand-up Anywhere

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By: Daniel BischoffComedy Sidekick

Some iPhone apps make life easier by helping you find your car after parking in a garage, while others give you hours of entertainment in an arcade-style game.  Comedy Sidekick, from developer Schoenfeld Enterprises LLC, is the first iPhone app I’ve come across that helps you do the entertaining.

While Comedy Sidekick is certainly a novelty, there’s definitely a use for it, especially if you’re the guy or girl who makes everyone laugh.  Have you got some new material that isn’t flying so well?  Maybe you need to set it up for yourself with Comedy Sidekick’s Opening Act features.  You can program Comedy Sidekick to introduce you, organize your jokes, and even groan after a punchline that needs a specific reaction.

Honestly, I’m not a very funny person, though I may try to be.  At times, Comedy Sidekick got more laughs than I did.  The sound effects you can play after a joke can put a smile on your audience’s face, even if you don’t.  The sound effects include laughter, groans, a trumpet going “Wah-Wah-Wah” and the classic rimshot.  With sound effects like those, you can probably avoid the hook, at least long enough for one more one-liner.

The real draw behind Comedy Sidekick isn’t necessarily putting on your own show, so much as it is passing it around your circle of friends.  If you know your buddy is setting up a dumb joke you’ve heard him tell hundreds of times, you can bust up the monotony with one of the sound bites, or maybe introduce him in a goofy fashion.  These kinds of apps usually lend themselves more to use in social situations rather than how they’re specifically intended.  Comedy Sidekick is useful for this, especially with the way the main page of the app is laid out.  The sound effects and introduction buttons are big and can be utilized on the fly as soon as you boot up the app.

Comedy Sidekick is a neat little app you can get a lot out of in social situations.  It’s quite the stand-up little app!  (I was told I wasn’t funny without Comedy Sidekick).

Comedy Sidekick is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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