Charadium is Pure iPhone Genius

Price: $0.99    Score: 10/10    By Sarah ParkerCharadium

Need a quick brain-boost or a good laugh to break up a mind-numbing day? Welcome to Charadium, one of the best iPhone games on the market. Created by On-5, Charadium is a colorful, Pictionary style game that gives iPhone users a mobile brain massage.

Charadium is an online game (connected with the Plus+ iPhone gaming network) where you compete against players around the world to hone your drawing and quick thinking skills. Charadium players can choose to play a long game, a short game, or reserve a game room to play with friends.

In the beginning, players are put in a game “room” where they can immediately start playing. Just as in Pictionary, the task of picture-drawing moves in turns, with each artist being given a word to draw (which they can choose to draw or skip). Artists are given several “ink” color options, as well as undo and clear options. The opponents who are guessing what the drawing depicts submit guesses. Players who guess the right answer the quickest and draw the best pictures are the ones who rock the game.

Once a game is completed, you can choose to play again or share your scores through e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook. One really awesome feature of Charadium is that each time you finish a game, you are given a game code so you can get all the details of your game. This allows anyone to look at the drawings, comments, guesses, and scores for that game. Share this game code and website with friends so they can have a good laugh at your artwork, too!

Charadium has a good tutorial section that shows new-comers the ropes of the game, but some of the rules could use a little more elaboration. The rules state that you cannot write out the word that you are supposed to draw, but letter and word-use in drawings can create conflict between players. Charadium does explain the rules regarding using letters in drawings, but it does get a little complicated. It is probably best to steer clear of using letters in your drawings to avoid being reported for abuse*.

Charadium is incredibly fun to play, but it is up to each player to make the games friendly. The only drawback to this game is that you run into some very rude players. The newest update to Charadium includes an option to report players for abuse, but it takes 3 abuse reports to force players out of a game. Also, you can only report abuse when the offending person is drawing a picture. Some players even abuse the report feature by flagging other players who are not breaking the rules. The newest update also allows players to leave a game room at any time, which is great if a game goes south. Ultimately, the quality of each game you play is determined by the quality of each player.

Overall, Charadium is an amazing game that will test your quick thinking and drawing skills. Despite the unfair players (who show up in any online game), Charadium is pure iPhone genius. The game concept is refreshing, and the price is pretty sweet for only $0.99. The developers are constantly making improvements to the game, so I am sure Charadium will just keep getting better.

* If you have questions regarding rules of play or conduct, check out Charadium‘s support page or their Facebook page.

Charadium is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.0 or later

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