TwilightFangs App Transforms You Into a Vampire

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbelltwilightFangs

The Twilight phenomenon has well and truly swept the globe, captivating teenage girls everywhere and leaving in its wake a whole raft of vampire-related spin offs. Not even the iPhone is safe. Developed by BIGEyes Marketing, twilightFangs is a new app that taps into the Twilight buzz and transforms you into a vampire or a werewolf through photographic manipulation.

Open up twilightFangs and the first thing that you’re prompted to do is to choose your side – Team Edward (vampires) or Team Jacob (werewolves). Your choice affects which group you can upload your photo to on the website, however this action has no effect on the use of the app itself.

All of the features in twilightFangs require a photo to play around with, so you have the option of opening up an existing photo from one of your photo libraries, or you can take a new one with the iPhone camera. Once you’ve selected an image, you can begin your transformation by choosing one or more of the special effects and dragging it onto the screen. There are upwards of 30 graphical overlays, consisting mostly of fangs and teeth, but there is also blood splatter, cuts and bullet wounds that you can add – but the teeth definitely work the best.

Once you’ve chosen an effect to use, you can easily modify its attributes using simple on-screen touch controls. You can resize the image using pinch-zoom and rotate the image by spinning your fingers across the display. To edit the image you simply tap the color wheel (which is non-functional until you select an effect) and this allows you to adjust the tint and brightness of the image, as well as flip its orientation. To delete an effect you simply “throw” it off the screen with a swipe of your finger.

Once you’re happy with your editing, you can save the image to your photo library or even share it with friends via Twitter and Facebook.

All of the twilightFangs screenshots show ‘vampire transformations’ on kids under the age of 10, and it’s mainly the under-16 age group that this app is going to appeal to.  While I found twilightFangs easy to use and kind of amusing, I think it’s the young ones that will likely the get the biggest kick out of being able to turn themselves into a vampire or werewolf.

twilightFangs requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.

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