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Price: $1.99    Score:  7/10    By Lara VukelichTop Rated Apps

Sifting through hundreds of uninspiring apps in the iTunes App Store to find what you need has become a real problem as the number of apps on the App Store continues to increase to well over 100,000. Top Rated Apps aims to save you some time by presenting only the best apps – those with ratings of four stars and above.

Top Rated Apps, developed by MF Software, allows you to search for applications by either name or price. You can also browse 20 different categories from entertainment to finance.  In total, Top Rated Apps currently has a database of over 600 iPhone applications. If you find one you like, you are able to link directly to the App Store on your phone to purchase.

On the positive side, Top Rated Apps can be browsed offline. You are able to save apps to a favorites list to be purchased later when you go online. It also has the potential to save you some time if you’re only interested in apps with really great reviews – a good indicator of a quality application.

On the downside, by limiting your app search to those apps with four stars or more, you are excluding applications that haven’t been rated enough to be assigned a score. You are also putting a lot of faith in the people that have rated the application before you; one thing I like about the iTunes app store is that I can consider the star rating, but if there are complaints against an app that don’t seem reasonable I can always ignore it.

The merits of limiting your app search aside, what Top Rated Apps aims to do it does well. It is easy to use and the search by name function yields relevant results. Linking to the iTunes app store is easy and fast.  I did notice that searching for applications at the $0.99 price point will return all prices ending in .99, but for higher price points the search works just fine.

This app is great for someone who strictly dismisses apps with low star ratings, but is obviously less useful for those of us who like to see all of our options.

Top Rated Apps is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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