Top 5 New Year’s Resolution iPhone Apps

Every year we make them – commitments to eat better, live better, waste less and do more. With 2010 fast approaching, The iPhone App Review has put together a list of the Top 5 Apps to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Lose WeightLose it! (Free)

One of the most successful and feature-rich calorie-counting apps in the app store. Lose It! features calorie and nutrition information for nearly every food on the planet – including all the big brand names you buy in the supermarket. Track your weight, daily calories as well as macronutrient ratios (protein, carbs, fat) all from the one easy-to-use app. Best of all – it’s free.

2) Get OrganizedPageonce Personal Assistant Premium ($6.99)

Featuring 10 great life management apps in one, the Pageonce Personal Assistant Premium covers everything from personal finance (credit cards, bills, bank accounts and investments) to frequent flyer points, cell minute tracking and travel itineraries – everything you need to keep your life organized.

3) Quit SmokingQuit Smoking Now With Max Kirsten ($7.99)

Max Kirsten is a clinical hypnotherapist with many high-profile celebrity, political and business clients. With hundreds of positive testimonials on iTunes, and a personal endorsement from Ewan McGregor, Quit Smoking Now With Max Kirsten looks like the real deal. For about the cost of one pack of cigarettes, it’s worth a try.

4) Get FitGymGoal ($3.99)

Easily one of the best gym apps on the App Store. GymGoal features 280 exercises (with animations and instructions) and 52 workouts. The app has comprehensive tracking and logging for body measurements, weight, strength and cardio as well as the ability to graph the results over time. Also features calculators for BMI, BMR, one-rep Max and target heart rate.

5) Get Out of DebtiXpenseIt ($4.99)

Track your daily expenses and monitor your monthly budget with iXpenseIt. You can create custom budgets and view graphs of your progress over time. iXpenseIt helps you to identify leaks in your personal finances, enabling you to save money. You can also safely and securely store photo receipts and back-up your data to your home computer.

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