The Holiday Fling is a Tough Nut to Crack

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Steve BeaudryThe Holiday Fling

The Holiday Fling by Studio-X is a happy, cheery game that aims to please even the most grinchified Scrooges with falling snow, crisp winter graphics and the sound of sleigh bells and Christmas carols. There’s just one problem: it’s almost impossible to win.

It’s a pretty simple game, really. The object is to take a Christmas wreath of your choice and, with the help of the touch-screen and a little Christmas magic, fling said wreath into a few scattered Christmas trees of your choice. If your wreath rings around one of these trees you get a point. Unfortunately, due to a lack of any kind of real measurable control over the wreaths, it takes an extremely healthy dose of said Christmas magic to get any points. I must have played upwards of 10 rounds, with 10 tries each round, and got only 3 points total.

For some reason, though, it’s difficult to stop playing this game. As I said, there’s really not much to it, but I found myself continuing to go back to it. Maybe it’s the cheery feel of Christmas, the magic of Jingle Bells or maybe just the fact that I really wanted to ring a wreath… but it took the threat of taking too long of a break at my job to pull me away from this joyful app.

So, is it worth it? Well, The Holiday Fling is only 99 cents. That’s a small price to pay for a stocking stuffer that doesn’t even take up any stocking space. For any one with a little free time, this is a good game to come back to every now and then to see how many times you can fail the objective before giving up. The clean graphics and jolly sounds make it a great holiday treat, but I wouldn’t be surprised if by New Year’s Day it gets deleted.

The Holiday Fling requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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