Start a Snow Ball Fight with Snow Brawlin’ Pro!

Price: $0.99    Score: 10/10    By Sarah ParkerSnow Brawlin' Pro

It is wintertime, but that doesn’t mean Risoo the squirrel gets a Christmas break. A band of  squirrel bullies have once again targeted Risoo in the game Snow Brawlin’ Pro.  Risoo has to defend himself by dodging the onslaught and counterattacking with snowballs. If you enjoyed playing the game Nut Chuckin’, then you will love Ghost Hand Games’ newest gem.

The game play of Snow Brawlin’ is similar to Nut Chuckin’, but has some important differences. Risoo dodges oncoming projectiles in the same way, but he does not need to collect the snowballs in this game. Instead, Risoo’s arsenal is automatically replenished, making the game play initially much easier to get a handle on.

The goal of Snow Brawlin’ is different as well. Your aim is to knock out as many squirrels as you can, trying to achieve high scores, hit-streaks, and higher levels in less time. The number of squirrels and rate of attack increase as the levels increase, but the scenery stays the same and Risoo doesn’t actually “move” to the next level. Most of the squirrels go down with one hit, but new ones pop up faster, making the game pace much quicker than that of Nut Chuckin’. The basic game Snow Brawlin’ is actually free from the iTunes store. Snow Brawlin’ Pro is the upgraded version of the same game that has some added perks, such as extra lives, bonuses, a global leader board, and e-mail challenges.

Snow Brawlin’ Pro is a fun, fast game that is a blast to play. The graphics in both Snow Brawlin’ games are fantastic, and the music and sound effects are awesome. The game play is a little easier at first, but don’t relax! The challenge increases quickly as you advance in the game. Snow Brawlin’ is a great game at a bargain: the basic version is free, and the upgrade is only $0.99.

Snow Brawlin’ and Snow Brawlin’ Pro are both compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; Snow Brawlin’ requires OS 3.0 or later; Snow Brawlin’ Pro Requires OS 2.2.1 or later



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