PocketCPR Puts Hands-On Experience Right At the Heart of Learning

Price: $0.99    Score: 10/10    By Anna PapachristosPocketCPR

It takes only a moment to download an iPhone application. In that very moment, you could also save a life. But what if you haven’t been trained with the skills you need to help someone in trouble?

Well, there’s an app for that. With PocketCPR by Bio-Detek, Inc., anyone can learn and practice the techniques crucial to proper and successful CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).  With a focus on accuracy, PocketCPR’s real-time feedback and instructions make it a great tool for training programs and personal practice.

PocketCPR utilizes the accelerometer hardware in the iPhone/iPod Touch to provide real-time feedback as part of the coaching process, the same technology used by Bio-Detek’s actual PocketCPR device, cleared by the FDA for actual SCA (sudden cardiac arrest) rescue.

According to the developer, “The technology, based on ZOLL Medical Corporation’s Real CPR Help, is a patent protected accelerometer-based tool to train the user in the proper skills of life-saving CPR.  All other CPR apps available are only reference tools and are merely content based without using the accelerometer to teach the motor skills required to do proper CPR.”

With its simple interface, PocketCPR presents a clear-cut home screen that outlines the user’s three options.  First, users (with an iPhone) can call 911 for emergency help directly from the app.  Otherwise, users can choose to start their CPR training with breathing or with hands only.  Accompanied by audio and visual step-by-step demonstrations and graphics, PocketCPR begins by teaching the initial steps for the chain of survival.

Users are first prompted to check victim’s responsiveness and call for help, followed by opening their airway, checking their breathing and giving two breaths.  PocketCPR then informs users of how to position their hands (with iPhone/iPod in hand) in order to begin CPR.  Users who already know these steps can skip right to learning the compression process.

By holding your device as you practice, PocketCPR can measure the rate and depth of your compressions, telling you if you need to push faster, slower, harder or softer.  The clicking of the app’s metronome helps users keep the proper pace when performing these compressions to gain a sense of how they would behave in an actual rescue case.  PocketCPR keeps track of your depth and compressions per minute, prompting for breaths after every 30 compressions.

To stay within the green zone, which is what users are aiming for to achieve success, depth range remains between 1.5-2.0”.  PocketCPR will recognize when compressions have stopped, prompting users to START CPR once again.

PocketCPR truly stands out amongst its counterparts, providing hands-on feedback as users learn.  And at only $.99, it’s no wonder there have been over 18,000 downloads since PocketCPR’s launch at the American heart Association Scientific Sessions in Orlando, FL.  This app is truly educational and potentially life-saving – not something you can say for most iPhone applications.  However, as a note to users, PocketCPR has only been approved for training and practice purposes thus far and has yet to be cleared by the FDA for use in actual rescue attempts.

PocketCPR requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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