Pocket Devil: Xmas Holiday Edition Delivers Some Evil Fun

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Shaun CampbellPocket Devil: XMAS HOLIDAY EDITION

While comparisons to the hugely successful Pocket God can’t help but be made, Pocket Devil: Xmas Holiday Edition carves out it’s own unique style in this new holiday inspired update to the game. Developed by Eyedip, Pocket Devil is probably best described as Pocket God’s evil twin – peaceful pygmies have been replaced with little red devils and the punishments that you can dish out to your minions have also taken a step up in terms of devilishness.

To get started in Pocket Devil: Xmas Holiday Edition you simply tap on a cannon positioned at the top left of the screen which launches a number of devils – named “Mugat2” – on to their icy little island. Just like in Pocket God, you can interact with the little guys in a number of ways – you can flick the devils to make them fly, tap and drag to move them around and also engage them with various items in the environment.

To deal out some pain to your red devils, you’ll need to make use of Pocket Devil’s action buttons. There are 11 buttons lined up along the bottom of the screen, each with its own icon indicating the button’s use. While some of the actions are Christmas inspired, all of them are naughty, none of them nice. Tapping on a button will activate its event, which include an evil Santa, tridents that fall from the sky, flammable gasoline, prison chains and a big guillotine amongst others. You can spear the devils on icicles that hang from the top of the screen, hang them from a tree like Christmas ornaments or set a demon upon them.

Pocket Devil: Xmas Holiday Edition also features a couple of minigames to keep things interesting – one involves a whack-a-mole style game play, with the aim is to see how many little devils you can slap in one minute. The other game is a 60 second challenge to dispose of as many devils as you can. You can even submit your high scores to Facebook or Twitter.

Like the gameplay, the visuals in Pocket Devil are unmistakeably Pocket God in style but are still fairly unique in their own right. I did find that the game felt a little sluggish – it took a while for my taps to register, and it would often take several tries to select and move a particular devil or initiate an action button – but that may just be a product of my testing the game on an old 2G iPhone.

Overall, Pocket Devil: Xmas Holiday Edition is not a bad buy for $0.99. It’s no Pocket God just yet, but if Eyebit continues to deliver quality updates then Pocket Devil will definitely be one to watch next year.

Pocket Devil: Xmas Holiday Edition requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.

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