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Price: $0.99   Rating: 8/10   By Daniel BischoffOur Secrets

Our Secrets is an app from Modern Geek that takes the idea behind secret sharing sites like Post Secret and puts those features right in the palm of your hand.

The first thing to do when you start up Our Secrets is to set up an account. This requires little other than a username, a password, and a working e-mail address. While you can share your name with your profile, it isn’t required.

The main menu options are separated by the two central features of the app: reading secrets and sharing secrets. Reading secrets is categorized by Rating, Date Shared, Comments, and by Most Shared.  You can also keep a list of your favorite secrets.  The settings tab only really gives you the option of selecting how many secrets should be loaded on each page.

The neatest feature involved with reading secrets has to be the search bar that lets you look for secrets on a specific topic.  Of course, this is nice if you’re tired of reading about everyone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, and would rather look up secrets in another area of conversation.

You can comment on others’ secrets, as well as post and organize your own.  Posting a secret is extremely easy and streamlined.  Simply type your secret in and select a category.  Tap “Share This Secret” and off it goes to the rest of the internet.  There’s something about sending out your secrets for all to see that really does help to take some weight off your shoulders. Reading secrets from other users is fun too, and it’s amazing some of the things that you’ll find there.

Our Secrets works really well as a type of anonymous Twitter crawler in the sense that Our Secrets pulls secrets from all of its users and creates a searchable database.  Everything is written in bite size form, much like a tweet, and contains a little nugget of entertaining reading material.

If you like to gossip and share personal bites of your own life with others, Our Secrets is the app for you.  Even if you don’t like to share, but still want to see what’s out there, Our Secrets only requires a quick and easy account set up before you can access every feature in the app.

Our Secrets is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd Generation) and requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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