Major Warhead is an Action Packed Tower Defense Game

Price: $0.99   Rating: 9/10   By Daniel BischoffMajor Warhead

Major Warhead is a game from Drillbit Studios that features an action-packed turn on the tower defense genre.  If you like tower defense but find that some of the apps in that genre on the App Store move a little slow, you’ve got to check out Major Warhead.

While some apps will have you set up towers between rounds, Major Warhead gives you direct control over two methods of defense.  The first is an Apache helicopter.  Tapping and dragging the Apache around the screen will move its range of attack so you can cover ground around all of your different bases.  As enemy units pour in from the top, bottom, or left side of the screen, your Apache can rain down fire to take them down. Of course, Drill Bit has done a good job of balancing the game, so a few waves of enemies will get taken out before you can no longer simply rely on your Apache alone.

The second mode of attack is your twin artillery launchers.  These fire single shots and take a little time to reload, but fire powerful explosive rounds that can clear some of the smaller enemy units in a single blast.  There are two artillery launchers as well, so you can keep firing as more and more enemies attack your bases.  While each of these methods of defense, Apache and Artillery, are powerful, they won’t be able to protect your bases for very long if you utilize them separately.  The real challenge Major Warhead poses to the player is how to balance the two to survive as many enemy waves as possible.

As the enemies eventually reach your bases and begin to deal damage, you can tap each base to repair, or simply press a convenient button in the bottom right corner to repair all bases.  If your Apache is destroyed, it’ll take some time to regenerate, and your helipad has to be intact, but it’ll eventually return to the battlefield.

Major Warhead does a good job of varying the enemies that creep closer and closer to your bases, while also balancing the way the difficulty ramps up.  Each wave grows in difficulty at a perfect pace, so by the time you reach double digit levels, you’ll begin to sweat, and the higher you get, the more frantic your defense management will be.

Major Warhead is only $0.99 and there’s already a lot of game packed in, but the developers have a lot planned for near-future updates.  Even more enemy waves, further options (like being able to turn the gore off), and achievements and leaderboards will be heading to the game soon, so take my recommendation knowing that I’ll be keeping Major Warhead on my phone for a while as the updates land.

Major Warhead the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.


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    Thanks for reviewing the game. Please check the new update.

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