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Attention Big Blue Nation: Here’s your one stop shop for the player roster, top blog sites, player and coach tweets, venue information and fast facts.  Kentucky Basketball GameDayApp, developed by Singing Bridge, LLC, delivers, delivers and delivers. For University of Kentucky basketball fans, members of the Big Blue Nation, there is no such thing as too much information about basketball. This App is a must-have for every U.K. fan with an iPod or iPhone.

Whether you are attending the game – lucky you – or watching at home on your TV, you become part of the game. You can enjoy pre-game stories by top U.K. bloggers and tweets from the basketball and football team players. You can quickly jump to links for the Kentucky Roster, the UK Athletics Official Site, Kentucky Sports Radio, Wildcat Blue in a Sea of Orange,, Coach, Catspause and many more. You can check the latest blogs and the latest news from regional newspapers like the Lexington Herald Leader and The Courier-Journal. When John Wall goes down the court for a hoop and goes supersonic – you’ll be there with him.

You’ll find yourself checking the tweets during the week to see what the players are saying. Sometimes there are predictions on the game. Sometimes when you check the tweets you get a glimpse of what these young men are doing in their free time.

The history of Kentucky basketball and of their fan support is the stuff of legends. They have more victories than any other team in college basketball history and the fan base consistently ranks first in the nation in home-game attendance. Kentucky fans are just a little obsessed – each year they line up (and camp out) a week in advance to obtain free tickets to midnight madness. Kentucky fans savor every story, tweet and chance to learn more about the players and the team. This app will provides you with a choice of delving into every bit of information, or just picking your favorite source and checking in daily.

I tested Kentucky Basketball GameDayApp for two games. The first was the U.K. vs. UNC-Asheville (at Freedom Hall) and the second was the much-hyped U.K. vs. North Carolina.  The combination of Hall, Boogie and Bledsoe with the experience of Patrick Patterson was a joy to watch. And luckily, the Cats delivered wins in both games – not that the U.K. vs. North Carolina wasn’t a nail biter. Checking the links, facts and tweets in the app added to the fun of college basketball game day. I don’t live in Kentucky, so having this kind of information and connection really enhances my game-day experience. If you live in Kentucky then this app will help you make sure that you don’t miss an opportunity to view, enjoy and celebrate the team.

I have one small suggestion for the future. If you could jump between the app and the internet, it would be nice. It’s no biggie, jumping back and forth takes seconds and you’ll find that you want to explore the internet links extensively. This doesn’t interfere with the app and after a while is barely noticeable.

Kentucky Basketball GameDayApp developers have been involved in sports and it shows. There are three former University of Kentucky basketball players (Josh Carrier, J.P. Blevins and Bobby Perry), a Wofford College baseball player, and technical resources that include a Carolina Fan and a former High School Coach and UVA fan. These people know sports.

The bottom line is that Kentucky Basketball GameDayApp will appeal to University of Kentucky fans whether they are in Lexington or scattered throughout the world. This is going to be one exciting year, amp up the experience with this app. Go Cats!

Kentucky Basketball GameDayApp is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

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