Keep Your Correspondence Safe with iCrypt

Price: $3.99    Score: 10/10    By Sarah ParkeriCrypt (password protected email & sms messages)

Whether your electronic messages are professional or personal, people often need a more secure and private way to communicate with others. If you need to send private or sensitive information (such as credit card or banking info) electronically, it is best to encode your messages. With iCrypt, created by SIS Software, you can quickly and easily send messages that are cipher-text coded to keep your electronic missives safe from prying eyes.

iCrypt is a simple message encrypting tool that helps to maintain privacy and security with both e-mail and text messaging (encryption for text messaging only works with the iPhone). The user can switch encryption settings between e-mail and text (SMS) in the Instructions section.

The operation of iCrypt is very simple: the interface is very similar to an e-mail or text template. When encrypting an e-mail, enter the recipient’s address, the subject (which will not be encrypted), and a message. Once your message is composed, tap the Encrypt button, and the app will ask you to create a case-sensitive password. The password will be used by the message recipient for decryption, so you must let your recipient know what the password is ahead of time. The recipient of the encrypted message can choose to decrypt the message on their iPhone or on a web browser. If they choose to decrypt on a web browser, they do not need to have the iCrypt application. The recipient is prompted to put in the correct password, and the message is decrypted.

iCrypt is a very simple and easy to use encryption tool. There is really no need for instructions, but iCrypt does have a short tutorial if you find that you need it.  iCrypt and the decryption website worked perfectly and was very well designed. This is a great app for anyone who needs an easy way to add security to their messages.

iCrypt is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.0 or later


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7 Responses to “Keep Your Correspondence Safe with iCrypt”

  1. Brenda says:

    So this should work like iblacklist for SMS privacy??

  2. sarahparker says:

    I have never used iBlacklist before, so I don’t really know how iCrypt and iBlacklist compare. I looked for iBlacklist in the iTunes store and could not find it. It is possible they don’t sell it anymore or the developer changed the name.

  3. Fay says:

    So icrypt does the encryption for outgoing messages, but what about incoming? this is not clear.

  4. sarahparker says:

    Your incoming messages will only be encoded if the sender chooses to encode them. E-mails or texts you receive that are not purposely encoded by the sender will not be encoded when they reach you (like any normal e-mail or text). iCrypt will not encode an incoming message if the sender has not chosen to encode it first.

  5. Ian Lenathen says:

    What encryption method is used?

  6. Maarten says:

    You might want to take a look at: crypticusmail

    With this app you encrypt email and it integrates with the iphone mail app

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