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Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10      By Nancy JonesiCooking Soups

Soups are a staple in our diet. They can make a meal complete – or be a complete meal in themselves. iCooking Soups, developed by Apps of All Nations, LLC, provides new and experienced cooks with plenty of options to create soups to add variety to your meals. Soups are a culinary feature in most cultures and, with this app, you can learn how to make a good pot of soup that will please your family and, potentially save you money.

The app includes recipes for Creamy Soups, Chunky Soups, Cold Soups, Dish Soups and Meat Soups. There are old favorites like Chicken Noodle and French Onion soup as well as popular soups, like Gazpacho. You can also add your own recipes to the app – including a photo of your dish. The recipes you add will be displayed in the same format – name, ingredients, and preparation as the ones that come with the app. You can search through an alphabetical list of all recipes, types of dishes, favorites or your recipes. Once you choose a recipe you can email it to yourself or to a friend.

You might choose to print out the recipe to use while shopping or cooking. For each recipe you pick, you have a photo of the finished product, an ingredient list, preparation instructions and options (email or add/remove as favorite). Another feature that makes iCooking Soups more usable is that the ingredients are listed in both U.S. and metric measurements. When you find a recipe you like you tap the heart on the top right hand corner to designate it as a favorite.

I love making soup. Vegetable beef soup was one of the first things I learned to make well. I enjoy all kinds of soup. Chicken Noodle is a favorite as well as creamy soups like creamy potato soup or red lentil soup. One of my favorite soups at Italian restaurants is minestrone, so that’s the one I decided to test.  The recipe includes a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs and pesto, which was appealing.  The clear instructions made the recipe easy to assemble and the ending result was wonderful.

There are a couple of small things I would suggest to improve the app. I would add a search feature so you don’t have to scroll through the app. I also think it would be cool if I could put one of my recipes in the app and upload it to a friend’s iCooking Soups app. Or, perhaps there could be a place where anyone could contribute a recipe. Then the list could build and build through user input.

One of the benefits of having this app on your phone is that you can walk through the grocery store after you have decided to cook something and have a list of ingredients on hand. Does it get any easier than that? Soup, as a part of your meal, can be filling and made at a low cost. iCooking Soups, includes 50 recipes, and priced at just 99 cents – that’s a bargain. I found the recipes easy to follow and the results tasty. Try it for yourself!

iCooking Soup is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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