HoursTracker Manages Your Work Hours Electronically

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Sarah ParkerHoursTracker - Time Sheet

An electronic time sheet is great for people who have to manually track their time and like to keep tabs on their projects and earnings. HoursTracker-Time Sheet is one such mobile solution for working people. Created by Carlos Ribas, HoursTracker not only helps you track hours worked, but you can also tally your earnings, your income tax rate, and paycheck deductions.

HoursTracker is a mobile time-sheet where users can record pertinent job information, such as time worked, hourly wages, pay periods, and earnings (gross and net). The “on the clock” feature is really nice; this allows you to clock in or out at the current time, and it keeps a running tally of hours and earnings accrued as time goes on. To access this feature, just tap on the job name on the main page. Tools contains an export feature, a help e-mail, the developer’s website connection, and a Facebook sharing option. It also has a feature wherein the user can remove entire periods of time worked. You can add Break Times to the hours you have worked, but at present, you can only add breaks to an existing work time. The developer is considering changing this, however, to allow people to enter breaks times at the same time as work times.

Once all your job, wage, and work time information has been put into HoursTracker, you can use the Review Hours function to see a summary of all your time worked. You can view your hours summarized by day, week, month, and by job. The Money feature also gives you a summary of the money you have earned for each job. Need to send your work time information to your boss? Use the Export Data feature to send a customizable e-mail to anyone detailing your job info, work times, and earnings.

HoursTracker- Time Sheet is a well designed app that is great for people who need a way to electronically track work times. I do think the developer should add instructions or an FAQ section to the app so first-timer users can learn to use the app properly (it took me a while to figure how to access the “on the clock” feature). Overall, HoursTracker is a great tool for organized time keepers.

HoursTracker is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 3.0 or later


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6 Responses to “HoursTracker Manages Your Work Hours Electronically”

  1. tom says:

    Bought your app today. I guess you guys don’t use it or it would be better designed.
    It is a pain in the ass to use. you would think that like most other app there would be a simple flow to it, but I guess not. Maybe I’m missing some bit of logic that you have since you designed it, but I need some thing to keep track of time on the job, not figure out the rest of the crap you feel I need.
    The job:
    Start time:
    End time:
    & then the rest of the stuff, VERY hard to figure how to START the time! etc.

  2. sarahparker says:

    Thanks for the input. We only review apps, we don’t design them. You can contact the developer of HoursTracker with your concerns so they can make improvements in future updates.

  3. Leslie says:

    I found the app very easy to use… never even looked at a help file. Not sure why Tom feels it was so difficult. I use it every week and love being able to email the entries to myself and simply cut and paste billables into my invoices.

  4. Jason says:

    I agree with Leslie – I found the app very easy to use. It works extremely well with different pay rates and hour calculations.

  5. Glenn says:

    I find it outstanding. Would like an expense area for each job, but for my business which often includes multiple jobs (clients) going on consecutively, it is very easy to clock out of one and into
    the next. Love it…

  6. Katie says:

    Do you know if there is a way to have other users under same account? I’m wondering because I have employees that work on the same projects as I. I would like the hours to accumulate from everyone.

    Thank you for your review! It made me give it a try and I am pleased with it!

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