Geek Reply Streamlines Conversations for the Geek on the Go

Price: $0.99    Rating: 7/10    By Daniel BischoffGeek Reply

Geek Reply is a fun app for the geek on the go who’s got to make the most of every conversation he or she has the time for. Everyone knows geeks are some of the busiest people out there and Modern Geek has packed Geek Reply full of phrases that any self-proclaimed geek will be able to find use for.

Geek Reply contains prerecorded voices that convey any of the needs, requests, or one-liners a geek is stereotypically known for. All of these prerecorded messages are sorted under numerous categories.  Geek, Partner, Friend, Work, and Dating replies will cover pretty much any social situation a geek might find himself or herself in.

Simply tap the category needed to fit the social situation, and then select from the list of replies. Under Geek Replies you’ll find “No, I will not fix your computer” and “I wouldn’t call it version 1.0.”  Partner Replies are a little more domestic and feature “I said I was sorry” and “I’ll do the dishes later.”  Friend Replies include “Want to get a beer?” and “This is between you and I.”

I found a lot of these to be phrases I could use in day to day situations.  Work Replies were particularly helpful, including “I’m working from home” and “Can’t you format that yourself?”  Dating replies are perfect for the Geek looking for love too, especially “Why did you pick your screen nickname?” and “So do you like stuff?”

All of the prerecorded phrases in Geek Reply feature both male and female voices, so either gender won’t be left out in the cold with this app.  If you find yourself using a particular Geek phrase that isn’t featured in the app, you can record it yourself and share it with other Geek Reply users, which turns out to be a great feature in such a social app.

Geek Reply’s menus and play buttons are responsive and quick, which is essential for the intended use, but sometimes you just want to scroll through the list and are met with a geek witticism you didn’t mean to call up.  This can be helped by creating your own favorites list of replies so all of your most used catchphrases can be called upon in one category menu.

While Geek Reply might not fit everyone’s fancy, it’s a fun and social app for the geek on the go who wants to streamline every social interaction.

Geek Reply is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch (2nd Generation).  It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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