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If you are a University of Florida sports fan and want to make the most of your game watching experience (in person or on TV), then Florida Football GameDayApp, developed by Singing Bridge, LLC is a must-have.  Florida Football GameDayApp includes game day info, stadium facts, the player roster, the line on the game, player/coach tweets, the schedule and links to all the key Florida Football websites. What more could a Gator want?

You have all the information you need before, during and after the game. There is a page devoted to information about the stadium (are your seats near my seats?), with maps to help you get there and with a link to the weather so you will know if you should bring your sun block or your raincoat. If you can’t be at the game or in front of your TV, you can keep up with the game minute by minute through the links.

You can read tweets from your favorite players and coaches and see their comments about today’s events and games. Florida Football GameDayApp pulls you into the game. The app provides you with links that are valuable to every Florida Football fan. You can quickly jump to the Florida Roster, the Florida Football Official Site, GatorBait.net, Bleacher Report, Gator Sports Nation, Virtual Swamp and many more. You can check the latest blogs and the latest news from regional newspapers like the Gainesville Sun, Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and The Florida Times Union (Jacksonville). When Tebow is ready to break the next record, you will know when it is getting ready to happen.  You’ll find yourself checking the tweets during the week to see what the players are saying.  Sometimes the football team will be congratulating the basketball team and sometimes you just get a peek into what they do in their off-hours.

You can check out the fast facts to settle those family (and bar) bets.  What was the score of the Gator Bowl in 1969?  (Florida 14, Tennessee 13).  Or maybe you want to know the top attendance at Bill Hill Griffin Stadium – 90,833 (9/6/08, UF vs. Miami).  There is enough information here to test your friends and determine who wins the, “I know more about Gator Football than you do” contest.

I tested Florida Football GameDayApp on the weekend of the big cross-state rivalry of Florida vs. Florida State. I was not able to attend the game, so having this as a tool really made me feel part of the game. Before the game I read the player and coach tweets. While I was checking, there were tweets from Coach Meyer, Riley Cooper and regular updates from GatorZone Football. Through the various news and blog sites I followed the story of Saturday’s Gator successes.  The game was incredible.  Even when Tebow fumbled the ball he made a statement.  Not many players can stiff arm one defender, drag another and still make forward progress.

The only downside is that when you jump to the internet, you cannot hit the back button and get back into the app. It would be nice if you could (this is a limitation of the iPhone OS), but I found that since I spent a significant amount at each site I didn’t really mind. Putting that aside, at the moment there isn’t another app that pulls together all of these features in one reasonably priced package. Put simply – if you are a Gator fan you need this app.

The Florida Football GameDayApp developers have been involved in sports and it really shows. There are three former University of Kentucky basketball players, a Wofford College baseball player, and technical resources that include a Carolina Fan and a former High School Coach and UVA fan. These people know sports.

The bottom line is that Florida Football GameDayApp will appeal to University of Florida fans whether they are in Gainesville or scattered throughout the world. There is a lot more football ahead of us. Go Gators!

Florida Football GameDayApp is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

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  1. I’ve been away from the loop with football to much time. I loved it as a youngster, growing up. Being from Texas, it was always the Cowboys. Back then, the heroes were Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. Later, after shifting to California, I found myself once in a while rooting for John Brodie of the 49ers, however it was always Cowboys when the two came head-to-head. Currently, I’m retired. The demands of output deadlines, personal campaigns and endless errands have declined. And I wax nostalgically for the gridiron and also the pleasure of the contest. Yes, I’ll be watching a great deal more football. You can bet on it.

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