FlashCards Deluxe: A Must Have Educational App

Price: $3.99    Score: 10/10    By Michael EssanyFlashcards Deluxe

While there is no shortage of applications promising to assist in any number of ways in an educational endeavor, those that actually come through are too few and far in between.

But if you’re considering Flashcards Deluxe from Ernest Thomason of OrangeorApple.com, you will quickly learn that, fortunately, there are some educational apps that can still walk the walk. Or, in this case, flash the flash.

Flashcards Deluxe is largely self-explanatory application that packs a powerful punch in its simplicity. Serving as an iPhone/iTouch flashcard application, this neat little offering allows individuals to literally study just about anything through the use of flashcards, a well-document and effective method for learning.

Whether you’re learning a new language or studying art, Flashcards Deluxe can be an invaluable tool that proves reliable and effectual in the learning process no matter what the learning on your agenda entails.

Upon downloading the app, you will find an assortment of options available to you for customizing your use of the application. With thousands of accessible flash cards at your disposal, you can easily create a preferred look and feel to the learning process that the app facilitates. As comfortable as it is convenient, Flashcards Deluxe takes takes one of the oldest learning tools in existence and harnesses its potential for the digital age.

Some of the many noteworthy attributes of the $3.99 application include:

  • Two smart study modes that automatically focus more on the cards you miss
  • Built in searchable dictionary that allows you to easily look up other terms as you study
  • Divide cards into categories
  • Clean, efficient user interface, including full-screen viewing
  • 3 response levels: Wrong, I kind of know, I know really well
  • Backup your flashcards to your computer

If there’s anything that will leave you scratching your head about this incredible app is why it isn’t more expensive. Given the often exorbitant price tag on other education applications that don’t provide a fraction of the opportunities afforded by Flashcards Deluxe, the maker could easily get away with a higher price in light of the exceptional quality of the offering.

FlashCards Deluxe is truly an educational app worth obtaining. Nothing you want to learn right now? Download the app. It will make you want to learn something just by having it.

FlashCards Deluxe requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.


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2 Responses to “FlashCards Deluxe: A Must Have Educational App”

  1. Cindy says:

    I can only get the cards to show the “answer” side first. I tried setting everything to show side 1 first and then, everything to show side 2 first. Both showed the answer and then, when you tap it gives you the problem. I tried addition facts and subtraction facts. Help!

  2. really nice app. cant stop loving it. it really does what it say in the review – makes me wanna study. thinking of getting an ipad n it sure will be one of the first app i’ll install

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