eTodo: Making Your Life Easier, One Task at a Time

Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Jeffrey JenkseTodo - simple and elegant to-do list

The iTunes App Store has no shortage of productivity apps.  So, when a specific task manager lands on the “What’s Hot” list, it speaks to its popularity, if nothing else. bitAlpha has found success in its eTodo task managing program – but is the attention justified?

The first thing one notices when opening up eTodo is the beautiful and sleek UI. The app is very clean and bright from top to bottom and while it contains all of the basic elements provided in the SDK, bitAlpha did a tremendous job of creating a unique interface that helps separate it from so many of the plain and uninspired UIs in its category. Thankfully, productivity was not sacrificed at the expense of slick visuals, and using eToDo is a breeze from the start.

On launch, the program presents six folders: Inbox, Action, Next, Someday, All and Completed. These are essentially smart folders – editing the criteria of each task will automatically send each task to its appropriate folder(s). Creating or editing tasks proves to be an easy endeavor and anyone who has set their iPhone alarm clock will feel right at home as it is basically the same process but with more options and color.

When creating a task, the first option available to the user is choosing an icon that best fits the task. There are 24 icons altogether, ranging from a credit card to luggage; however, it is set to a yellow sticky note by default for those who don’t want to bother.  From there, it’s what one would expect: title, notes and due date. Other features include an urgency slider that allows one to place a level of importance on the task.

The user can also use tags and can create recurring tasks if need be.  An email option is also available in which you can send a task through email. eTodo also has the ability to show badge alerts on the iPhone home screen, the criteria for which can be changed by the user: a very nice touch.

While eTodo is certainly an impressive task manager, there are a few things that could definitely be improved on.  For one, a specific time of day cannot be added to a task, which is a little disappointing.  The other nice addition would be the ability to export a user’s task list to Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, etc. Considering how feature-rich this app is, it’s a shame these simple features weren’t addressed.

Bottom Line – eTodo is a great task manager.  When looking at other similar apps that are going for between $10 and $20, it becomes a no-brainer why bitAlpha is finding both success and accolades for its product: its clean, elegant and user-friendly UI help make organizing your life as easy as ever.

eTodo requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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