‘Check In’ With Your Brain’s Emotional State

Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10    By Anna PapachristosCheck In : The 5 Tools of EBT

Whether the upcoming holidays are getting under your skin, or the current state of the economy is taking its toll, stress can stem from many differing factors.  To know where your stress level stands, check out Check In: The Emotional Brain Training App by The Institute for Health Solutions.

Developed over the past 30 years by clinician and New York Times bestseller Laurel Mellin, Check In is based on the patent-pending five point system of Emotional Brain Training (EBT).  The method used focuses on how you specifically process stress, determining your current stress level in order to come up with steps for helping you return to your natural balance.

Upon first use of Check In, users are greeted with a video that explains there are five “brain states”: the first, you feel great; the second, you feel good; the third, you feel slightly stressed; the fourth, you are definitely feeling the increased stress level; the fifth, you are absolutely stressed, confused and overwhelmed.  The ‘Getting Started’ tab provides introductory videos that explain the five point system and cycles a person may go through.

With the ‘Brain State Finder’, users are then asked an array of questions that determine how you are feeling in the areas of relationships, thinking, behavior, spiritual connection and stress level, all in regard to your current lifestyle.  Once you have determined which emotional state you are in, use the ‘Get to One’ button to help yourself reach the number one, feel great state.  With five states comes five tools for helping you to reach number one: sanctuary time, feelings check, emotional housecleaning, the cycle tool and damage control.

The main screen also provides other options for users to help as they proceed to train their brain to deal with stress successfully.  The ‘Sanctuary’ button presents a serene back drop, while users listen to and follow the voice prompts to help them breathe and relax their body.  The progress button allows users to track their Check In training.

The ‘Grind In’ button allows users to enter their own personal, powerful message that they wish to ingrain in their mind and subconscious.  By attacking the unreasonable expectations discovered during their “brain state” evaluation and replacing them with reasonable expectations, this portion of the app is designed to diminish stress level by helping users achieve a more realistic everyday standard.

While Check In does seem simple on the surface, to truly reap the benefits, one must be patient and willing to dedicate time to adequately understanding how to go about using the app to its fullest extent.  With helpful videos and introspective questions, what you get from Check In is directly correlated to how much of yourself you put into the process.

Check In requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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