Atomium SE: Science Essentials In Your Pocket

Price: $0.99    Score: 10/10    By Sarah ParkerAtomium SE: Periodic Table

Students of physical sciences: if you need a pocket guide with a periodic table of elements and a detailed list of scientific constants then Atomium SE: Periodic Table was made for you. Developed by Henri Hansen with science students in mind, Atomium SE (Student Edition) is filled with all the necessary information for students enrolled in physical sciences.

Atomium SE: Periodic Table is a scaled down version of the app Atomium: Periodic Table, which was designed for science professionals and contains greater detail. Atomium SE was designed for use by science students, so the information therein is more concise.

The app contains a periodic table of elements, an alphabetized list of elements, and a list of constants. The periodic table, which is color coded by the element’s category, allows the user to select an element off the table to access detailed information about that element. You can also get the same information by choosing an element from the alphabetical list instead of the periodic table.

The Constants list is a compilation of information that all science students will find indispensable. These Constants include Universal Constants, Physico-Chemical Constants, Atomic & Nuclear Constants, and Astrophysical Constants. A nice feature of Atomium SE is the Frequently Used feature, which allows the user to “set aside” element details and constants that are used most often. This allows students quicker access to the information they use the most. Need to find more information about the elements that interest you? Selecting the isotopes of any element brings up another page of isotope information. There is also a Wikipedia link with each element so you can access photos and related topics.

The Settings for Atomium SE can be found with the settings of your iPhone. In Settings, you can change the temperature units, turn off the vertical orientation, change the color scheme, and manage the Frequently Used feature. Every feature of Atomium SE can be viewed in both vertical mode and landscape mode (unless you turn off the vertical mode). It is important to note that the information provided in this app already assumes the user has scientific knowledge, so there are no glossaries for the abbreviations and terms found within Atomium SE.

Atomium SE: Periodic Table is a superb app for physical science students who need a comprehensive periodic table and list of scientific constants. The price is amazing for the amount of information packed into this app. Atomium SE is also well designed, with an organized and easy to navigate interface. I definitely recommend this app for science students who want a mobile periodic table.

Atomium SE is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 2.2.1 or later

Note: Atomium: Periodic Table can be found in the iTunes store for $4.99



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