Too Much To Do? 2Do at Your Service!

Price: $5.99    Rating: 9/10    By Anna Papachristos2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync

Today’s world moves fast and so do we.  With obligations and responsibilities coming at us from all angles, it’s hard to keep our minds focused on remembering all that needs to be done.  But with 2Do: A Stunning To Do List with Push and Sync by Guided Ways Technologies Ltd, our scatterbrained selves may finally be able to add some organization to the hectic lives we lead.

Claiming 2Do involves “zero complications” and “zero frustration”, Guided Ways has indeed created an app with a clean, intuitive interface that may just be the organizer to beat all other organizers.  Among the many aspects of 2Do, Mac users can sync their iPhone and iPod Touch with iCal and mail, receive push notifications, and receive email alerts to remind them of upcoming tasks.

The main page of 2Do provides users with a screen that displays multiple tabs, listing all of their tasks in however many categories the user has chosen to create.  As a default, the app comes with four tabs displayed: all, today, home and work.  The plus sign under the final tab allows users to create their own custom tab.  As a way of customizing 2Do, users can also change the theme, font size and font style under the Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

To add a new ToDo, you need only tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen to enter all the desired information. From this screen, users can prioritize their task, assign it to a designated tab, give a due date, and add a note.  You can also add an action, which allows you to attach a contact relevant to the task in order to remember to call, text, email or contact them in some fashion. This option also allows users to attach their current location by use of GPS for future reference. You can also include an alarm for any given task, select its recurrence, as well as attach a picture or URL.

Tasks can easily be edited and shared with 2Do as well.  By tapping and holding on a task, options are revealed, including the ability to send a task to someone through email, have it edited, returned to the sender and added back to their list.  Users can also drag and drop between calendars.  To keep unwanted eyes from peering at your list, you can even enable password protection under the Settings menu.

In order to keep oneself up-to-date on what needs to get done, 2Do has been well equipped with means for alerting yourself to pending tasks.  Push notifications will let you know exactly when your task is due and you can even choose from a number of various alarm sounds.  Email alerts can also be set by entering your personal info under the Settings menu (full name and email address).  An initial verification email will be sent to the email address provided, linking you with all the tasks on your list.

With the focus filter, 2Do users can control which tasks show up on their main page, whether it be today’s tasks, high priority tasks, those due in the next week, month or even year! You can keep track of how many days left before a given task is due with the counter, as well as make any overdue tasks appear in their ‘Today’ list.  Once complete, users can choose to have “done” tasks remain on their list, or be auto-deleted upon completion.

2Do also adds the convenience of being able to sync your Mac (currently only OS 10.5 and higher) and your mobile device.  With the ToDo Sync Helper App installed on your computer, Mac users can sync task and to do items from iCal over a WiFi enabled network.  The device will connect to the last known computer and both the computer and device must be connected to the same network.

But these aspects are only the beginning because, coming early 2010, Guided Ways will also be releasing an update to 2Do, v1.2, which will allow users to manage projects and checklists, tags, and provide an Outlook 2003/2007 sync tool.

2Do requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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19 Responses to “Too Much To Do? 2Do at Your Service!”

  1. Wasted Money says:

    Sync with a Mac. Wohoo!
    Oh I forgot, no-one actually uses a Mac, so this app is a total waste of time for 95% of users.

    I’m never going to buy a Mac just so I can sync my iPhone to a desktop.

    In a 35 year career all my employers & customers have been PC based businesses. Not a Mac in sight. None of them would even consider the Mac or iPhone a serious business tool. In fact, I’ve never even met anyone who uses a Mac.

    I regret buying a iPhone. It has been complete & utter waste of the time & money I have invested in it. I’ll probably give it to one of the kids as that’s all its good for – a toy.

    At least with a HTC HD2, the Google phone, Droid, Satio, Blackberry or even a Nokia I might actually be able to be productive again.

    Apple is all hype. A myth.

    As far as I’m concerned the myth is busted.

  2. DirkME says:

    Seems you just shared that you are the light of the world and you know everything.

    My respect Sir ;-)

  3. S2s says:

    Wow, why would Wasted Money waste his and our time griping about buying an iPhone here???

    I’m a PC user, but some of my best friends use Macs. While the Mac sync doesn’t interest me either, I don’t go around peeing on people who do.

    While your product looks pretty, if you don’t offer Outlook sync yet, I’ll stick with Pocket Informant, which is also promising Outlook sync “real soon now”, but they’ll also sync my calendar events too, so I can have calendar and todos in one place instead of 2… do…. :-)

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    Best of luck,


  4. Karelin says:

    Been practicing law for 25 years, started with a Selectric, first computer was an Mac+, then eventually switched to PCs and, two years ago, switched back. No regrets. Mac rocks. Everything I or my staff need to do to run a successful law practice we can do on our Macs. I have a BlackBerry, which is excellent, but am greatly impressed by the enhanced functionality of the iphone, and really like 2Do, which is intuitive, and helpful in a profession where organization is the key to happiness. Maybe twenty years ago I remember colleagues who used PCs with DOS grousing about greasy kid’s stuff like computers with mice. In any event, if I knew as much about anything as Wasted Money knows about everything, I’d be most wise.

  5. Fahad says:

    By the way, 2Do will support Windows/Outlook in the next update. This has been announced on the app store.

  6. Skyler says:

    Wasted Money – more like Wasted Air

  7. hav1 says:

    Windows/Outlook sync update was supposed to be realeased by the end of 2009 according to 2Do’s website. It hasn’t been. I feel like I have been misled and wish I could get my money back from this App purchase.

  8. Ja says:

    Happy New Year, fell in here whilst trying to find out which soft is better between ‘2Do’ & ‘Things’. If some one can enlighten me that would b appreciated.

    Normally I just read comments, a true forum leach, grab what I need, sometimes a small laugh then onto the next. Im going to be 40 on 18th jan. & the comment from ‘waisted money’ got me tapping the key board for the 1st time.

    A little history. Ive been using macs since 1986, PCs since 1996. I have 2 PCs & 2 macs. One PC laptop was a gift, the other purchased for playing games.
    A few years ago (90s), especially around the ‘Jobs’ leaving time when Apple looked like they were going under, the mac os was nice to use (OS7>9), but very little compatibility with PC. Since PC had (still do I believe) 95% of the market, this was a mager problem.

    Since the leap to OSX, & intel macs, OSX has become the de-facto operating system, more stable, more friendly, less bugs, & a cleaner, safer/lighter (no x5 apps running 2 protect against the net) surfing experience than PC.. these are facts.

    Forget about the silly ‘Hello Im a PC’ adverts, I haven’t turned on my PCs in 2 years.
    Compatibility hicups r all but gone, & the majority of soft is now duel available.. (games still thin on the ground though).

    Now more than ever, anyone who puts the mac down just hasn’t tried to use one lately. If u havent seen a mac then you really need to get out more. PCs are OK, but usually once uv tasted a mac, difficult to go back. As for professional use, Ive seen them poping up everywhere, my Vet, Dentist, Photocopy shop.. more PCs yes, but non existant macs definatly not. Even some surf cafes now have macs due to the much redused suffing risks.. & when it comes to longevity, theres no comparison, a mac will normally last u x2/3 as long, & b worth twise as much at re-sale.

    Thats it.. my apologies for babbling. Have a great 2010 ;)

  9. Tony Green says:

    Oh what some lovely comments, all very amusing :)

    The App looks good, but as someone has already said, it definitely needs to sync with Outlook to capture a wider market. Having said that, I have bought the App and am taking the time waiting for the sync tool to get used to it – it looks good and performs well. I too have Pocket Informant, and am doing the same with that.

    Re the Mac v. PC argument (yawn), I have both, and prefer Windows 7. I don’t “hate” Macs, but the OS isn’t for me – simple pimple. It is a choice I am glad to have and I hope that choice remains. But for me, I’m a PC.

  10. Laura in CO says:

    I would love to get a Mac, but right now I have a Windows Vista PC, and that’s what I’ll be using for awhile. I love this app, and I hope the update to sync with Windows is on it’s way.

  11. Jim Edwards says:

    I was trying to decide which app to get to sync with my “Tasks” and “To Do” lists on my firm’s Outlook setup and found “Wasted Money’s” comment. I’ll share a couple of thoughts on that but first: version 1.2 is what is available at the App Store this morning. The puff language states that you can now sync with Outlook. We’ll see.

    As for my thoughts on Wasted Money’s comment:

    1. I agree with the general idea that nobody in business uses Apple products, with the exception of the iPhone, for business purposes. Oh, of course, there are lots of exceptions to that but I’ve experienced those exceptions as mostly being in the form of individuals who like Macs for personal use. Most businesses, as organizations, use Windows. As a trial lawyer who works with many other law firms, doctors’ offices, hospitals, I know you just won’t find many who use Mac. I don’t know a single one and I’ve been at this for 30 years.

    2. I strongly disagree that the iPhone is nothing but a toy. It’s absolutely great at everything, with two exceptions. It has the coolest screen, interface, games, etc., etc. The only two things it’s bad at, and it’s really, really, really bad at these: first – making and receiving telephone calls; and, second – staying turned on after you unplug it from the charger. They really should put a telephone in the thing; that would make it really useful. Also, they should put a battery in it, or at least a battery that would power all the crap on the thing for more than half a day. Other than that, it’s great! And, it’s sooooooo cooooooool! Get one, you’ll love it! (Want mine?)

  12. Swldstn says:

    Have been looking for a good task manager and this isn’t bad. Wondering if anyone is contemplating syncing with Google tasks. I know they Google tasks are weak but my company has switched us all over to Google mail, calendars, etc. Mail, Contact and Calendars sync pretty well thru the Exchange interface (I believe Google licensed Active Sync from Microsoft). Todoodle isn’t great but it does sync to any computer (Mac or PC) through a web client. This hasn’t been great but it does work but the tasks are not in Google.

  13. VV says:

    I started using PCs when the first IBM PC came into the market. I switched to Mac last year and I´m so sorry I waited so long… will never go back, love my Mac! Not sure what kind of industries you people are talking about, but in my world a lot of people use Mac in REAL jobs. Some examples: entertainment industry, garment industry, web designers, diplomats…etc.. I also have an iphone 3G and ipod touch. Stop showing your true colors, just because you cannot afford a Mac doesn’t mean you have to put Mac users down. Instead maybe you should get a real job that pays well and then try one….

  14. virginia says:

    This App is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done with my iPhone. It simply doesn’t work. The instructions are not clear… and it seems there is no-one I can contact and ask for specific help.

  15. adomac says:

    ‘Wasted Money’ has a personal psychological problem and writes as if he were an emotional teenager (maybe is in truth). I joined IBM in 1964 (I am 70 this year) – a lot more than his claimed 35 years business record – and ended on the board of one of the largest corporations in the world, that could buy most international companies out of petty cash. I now run my own business. A close friend was CEO of the IBM UK PC division when it started. So I naturally kept loyalty and went PC. After many years of frustration and appalling problems with Windows I moved to Mac. Why? Both my sons have honours degrees in Computer Science and very high powered IT jobs with major companies, and they told me to dump my PC (state of the art). They use PCs at work but Mac privately, as they consider Microsoft utter rubbish. I have the latest Mac and run Windows through Parallels for the sake of historic software I spent a lot of money on. I use it as little as possible. My Mac does all I need, better than any PC, and more and more people I know are moving to Macs for sound reasons. Using 2Do with my Mac is superb, so I will not waste further words, as that says it all. ‘Wasted Money’ seems to be code for ‘Lack of Brain’. I don’t believe a word he/she says and think that whoever wrote the entry is at the bottom where they started, or close to it. Successful, intelligent people don’t write pejorative, provable, childish rubbish.

    Well done 2Do – keep up the good and ever improving work.

  16. john mooney says:

    Can anyone offer ANY help in trying to get 2do to do something.
    The tips page…. absolutely useless/ no help at all. seems a bit of a con./waste of money

  17. kyith says:

    I think 2Do is really flexible. I used to use Appigo Todo and Action List on the iPod Touch but recently chanced upon this application that i review called 2Do.

    Thought nothing much of it but once i use it, it turn out pretty great for getting things done.

    Here is a guide showing how you can set up 2DO for David Allen’s getting things done >>

  18. Wes M. says:

    2Do is probably the swankest task manager for iOS out there – having tried Appigo’s ToDo, ToodleDo, and a few others. The interface is heads and shoulders better than the others, with the tabbed interface for the different kinds of tasks taking the cake. You can also add voice memos to the task, and then Sync with which in turn can connect to Outlook or whatever you’re using elsewhere for task management. Hopefully they’ll develop a direct connection to tasks in MS Exchange.

  19. emily says:

    great app, but my favorite is ,,Plan”. It’s time manager and calendar in one. It’s more simple I think. ,,Plan” app is very quick to use, it works with buil in and sync with google web calendar. Brilliant app, I won’t change anything :)

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