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Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Nancy JonesType n Walk

Are you a textaholic? Do you want to keep texting even while you’re walking? Do you want to tweet, text or email without interruption? If this sounds like you – then Type n Walk, developed by CGactive LLC, is definitely worth a look. You won’t miss a beat as you type away whilst navigating your surroundings using the “transparent screen” (courtesy iPhone camera) and your peripheral vision.

Type n Walk allows you to create a message and then copy and paste it into your favorite social networking venue. It couldn’t be easier. Check out the YouTube video to see a good representation of what you will see after you download the app. As you walk or wheel (chair, not bike) along you can type your message while keeping aware of your surroundings. When you finish your message, you simply copy and paste it into your favorite email, tweet or text-messaging app. Type n Walk doesn’t replace your favorite app – it enhances it.

Is there a downside? Maybe. I’m personally pretty sensitive to motion and I think that with prolonged use I might actually experience the effects of motion sickness. Other than that, I think you can count this as a very useful app for anyone who wants to communicate on the run!

Here’s a few tips on how to use it.  I realized that I had to hold the iPhone in front of me, rather than holding it horizontally.  It still works if you hold it horizontally, but what you see is what is directly underneath the phone – like your feet.  Holding it in front gives you a great view of what is ahead of you. I know… it’s obvious.

But you don’t have to walk and text – you could be sitting and waiting for someone and keeping an eye on what is going on around you. I tested Type n Walk in various levels of light and it worked well in all normal light situations. In dark areas you can’t see a lot – but that’s not a surprise. I live in a sunny area and in really bright areas, with sunglasses, I noticed a little bit of difficulty seeing through the screen. Again, that’s no surprise. It’s the same issue with all electronic devices. I wouldn’t suggest that you bike and type or drive and type, but excluding those activities, have fun!

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t supersede any of your apps. It’s a slick, simple, helpful app that complements the existing social networking and texting features of the iPhone.

Type n Walk is compatible with iPhone only and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


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